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No.535 : Anonymous Writer [09/08/20(Thu)17:59] [SNAP]

How do i make my ball sack stay tight? I HATE having saggy balls and love the look of a tight sack, it seems so much more pretty than a hanging meat sack.

Any ideas?

No.556 : jo [09/08/22(Sat)19:17] []
You're kind of hoping for the impossible... the scrotum pulls tight because of the flow of blood that shifts about the lower body in periods of arousal.

If you're interested in "keeping things in place," then I suggest shopping for restrictive wear or scrotum rings.

No.557 : Anonymous Writer [09/08/23(Sun)05:33] []


Damn, thats dissapointing. I dont fancy using ball rings or any kind of 'device' so i supose im out. Thanks for the info.


None right now!

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