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No.56 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/12(Mon)09:15] [Report] 1231780523327.jpg (52714 B, 250x305) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
52714 B

OK, so... I'm 19 and into cding for quite some time, and now I'm thinking about stepping into it, but I have lots of doubts and was looking for some ideas/advice.

First of all my parents are REALLY close minded about everything, so that and the fact that I can't move for at least some years limits lots of things that I can do...

I already shave myself, but I don't shave the legs completely as it's kinda hot in my country during summer and I can't use long pants all the time, so they would notice if I just showed up with shaven legs... any ideas on that?

Second, what to use for shaving? I've been using razorblades for quite some time, but I guess it is not the best method?

Third, does the "it's for my girlfriend/for a costume/etc" line work by your experience? I am quite shy and thinking about store clerks giving me weird looks makes me feel bad...

Four, is there anything out there that I could use to smoothen the skin (not hormones) and is not too expensive?

Five, for those of you who have to hide it, is it too hard or you can easily go without raising any doubts?

I guess that's all for now, and thanks in advance for any help! :D

No.64 : jo [09/01/14(Wed)00:00] [Report] []

Welcome to the fold and congrats on discovering your femself.

Shaving legs: Shaving your legs differs in various ways. What I mean is, different people have different lengths and thicknesses of hair; this is obvious, but is important in understanding why it is important to test and try different shaving implements until you find what works best for you. It's important to test shaving creams, if you're up to it, to discover which creams work best for your skin.

Same goes for razors. Myself, I use various razors for my legs and pubic areas, depending on the frequency of which I feel like shaving. (I'm still holding out for a Norelco BodyGroom though.) A lot of people use certain razors because they're comfortable with them, disposable or otherwise.

I don't use hair removal creams because they usually smell terrible and are a deal more frustrating than regular shaving. But that's just me...

Soft skin: Lotion. Again, it depends on your skin. I've found one or two types of lotion that work wonders on my skin, regardless of where its applied (yay, Jergens)... but there's no garauntee that this would work the same for someone else.

Also, eating healthy foods helps a good deal. I'm not a food buff, but I keep my diet aligned well enough to keep my skin from reacting adversely.

Hiding: I hid various clothing from my early youth through college... it's never easy, and no location is ever fool proof... but if you begin with unisex clothing--like a pair of jeans--then your anxiety will surely lessen.

No.65 : Chiaki #OIF5l0BPh2 [09/01/14(Wed)01:36] [Report] []

yeah, unisex clothing helps, and keeping things covered when need be also helps.

I, unfortunately, don't do my eye brows because I'm still hiding from my father. Moving out has helped me on hiding clothes though.

Store clerks generally won't care, but the costumes excuse works the first few times. Really, they probably wouldn't ask you anything as long as you don't say anything either.

Taking a friend along might help too.

No.72 : kagami #76lCoqcJvk [09/01/14(Wed)15:29] [Report] []

I've been dressing for 18 years now...I kind of feel a little old.

If you really want an excuse to shave your legs, take up swimming. Swimmers shave their legs out of the belief that it reduces drag. I have no idea how true this is though.

Razorblades and shaving cream are good enough. A little ice afterwards to close up the pores. This works well enough on the legs, but try to avoid ingrown hairs. Same for the armpits.

I strongly recommend against chemical depilation creams. I got a small but extremely painful chemical burn on my leg.

The best method is plucking or waxing. It lasts quite a bit, but hurts and is time consuming. Sugaring doesn't work so well, and is time consuming, in my experience. Waxing works really good for the face, since there's no stubble left behind that you need to conceal with makeup.

No.73 : kagami #76lCoqcJvk [09/01/14(Wed)15:50] [Report] []

For softer and smoother skin, I also recommend lotions, also exfoliation creams and moisturizer. YMMV, though.

If you're really worried about being outed in the store, you can always request a gift receipt at the end. But the best way to ward off strange looks is to not act all nervous. Go shopping often enough (even if you don't buy anything) so that you're not really nervous and stop caring about what others think. If you act like you belong there, people will think you belong there.

If you have to hide it, a locked chest stuck in the back of the closet helps.

No.77 : jo [09/01/14(Wed)19:38] [Report] []

You're exactly right about looking as if you belong. Remember, it's their goal to sell textiles regardless of who purchases and for whichever reason... if you have money, you are a customer.

For example, in a couple of weeks, I'm planning on going to Gordman's and upgrading my bra collection a little. It won't be the first time I've been to the store and it won't be the first time I've purchased women's underwear from them... until then, I'm thinking of going this weekend just to familiarize myself with their collection again.

No.80 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/15(Thu)20:48] [Report] []

Oh, thanks so much for your information!

I've been already shaving my intimate parts, and today I've done my eyebrows and armpits, leaving just the legs, which 'consequences' are still scaring myself =(

It will still be some time before I get any clothes, and then perhaps I'll post some pics =p

I'll be looking for shaving creams and lotions. And I'm thinking of hiding those things inside some empty vg boxes that I have in my closet, no one ever mess with them...

Again, thanks for you help!

No.81 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/16(Fri)01:22] [Report] []

When I shop I just go to department stores where there aren't any attendants, really. You're usually free to browse, and if you go during the day, it's not crowded and you can try things on without any strange looks.

No.133 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/28(Wed)12:07] [Report] []

OMG i would be SO happy if i could try things on. sadly it wont happen in my town...

No.139 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/28(Wed)21:10] [Report] []

Some stores have self-check out lines, that's what I plan on doing the first time I actually go out and buy clothes and then wear those clothes to buy from a clerk.

I'm having trouble thinking of places to hide clothes in a college dorm though.

No.140 : Chiaki #OIF5l0BPh2 [09/01/29(Thu)03:09] [Report] []

>>139 Mattress, deep recesses of your drawers and closets. With friends.

No.146 : jo [09/01/30(Fri)23:30] [Report] []

You should have an assortment of bags, suitcases, and/or boxes if you're in college... if so, make use of them and label them inconspicuously... or don't label them at all.

>>>I'll be looking for shaving creams and lotions.

Some stores have better selections than others, naturally. I've always found Walgreens a good place to start, because they have such a wide variety of lotions.

No.227 : FA☆BU☆LO☆U☆S [09/04/20(Mon)21:47] [Report] []

Aveeno lotion is really good, although their exfoliating face wash dealie really irritated my face.

Anecdote on being noticed for shaving: My arm hair used to be disgustingly long, longer than on a lot of men's heads. So at one point I shaved it off completely. Shortly afterwards I was at dinner with my parents, and my dad suddenly staring at my arms and freaking out facially and made a pretty big deal of it. Both my parents continued to hound me about it (and other shaving) afterwards for awhile.

No.246 : jo [09/04/23(Thu)22:56] [Report] []

Interesting story... My ex-girlfriend went ballistic when she found out I shaved my legs.

No.373 : Anonymous Stalker [09/05/31(Sun)16:22] [Report] []


Might have been nervous you'd turn gay and abandon her or something. Considering she's an ex then perhaps her worries weren't entirely unjustified. ;)

No.404 : Anonymous Stalker [09/06/11(Thu)05:11] [Report] []


I told my mother that my armpit hair was annoying and itching me so I shaved it off. When I showed her how terrible the job was, she wanted to help me pluck out the hair.
Didn't tell her why I really shaved off the hair, of course :)


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