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No.567 : Anonymous Writer [09/08/31(Mon)15:50]

ITT: Tips for getting a close shave without having to deal with raxzor burn.

just shaving for us poorfags.

No.568 : jo [09/09/01(Tue)19:57] []

Start with a warm, damp hand towel, and make sure that the surface area to be shaved is reasonably damp. Apply a shaving cream you're comfortable moisturizes and gives you a clean and close shave... may take some experimenting or asking around... different skins react to different creams differently.

The same can be said about lotion, I think, but make sure you use adequate lotion after you've finished shaving (and rinsing).

Or, if you have the funds, you can purchase an electrical razor that is specially designed for below-the-neck areas -- like the Norelco Bodygroom.

No.711 : Skittles-Kun [09/10/15(Thu)18:04] []

I have the Norelco body-groom electric razor...It works REALLY well. However I still end up getting razor burn after shaving and lotioning. Tip with electric razors though...cant using shaving cream unless you wanna jack up the razor :(

No.726 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/20(Tue)01:16] []

get your ass waxed by a pro. ppl do it all the time it costs around $20+tip. yes they're used to dudes coming in and getting it done.

as for shaving balls/cock or whatever after awhile your skin gets used to it and razor burn goes away. take a ton of omega3 fish oil supplements (they reduce inflammation) and scrub the shaved area to get rid of dead skin.



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