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No.573 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/03(Thu)01:35] [Report] [SNAP]

hey everyone, im just starting to get into trapping and i was wondering if there is any way to make my face look more fem?

No.575 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/03(Thu)20:25] [Report] []

If u mean actually changing ur facial structure, hormones i guess changes that alittle. other then that beets me.
are there any like creams or whatever that would do that?

No.583 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/06(Sun)20:43] [Report] []

Yes there are Feminization Creams and Herbal Pills that will fix all your worries.

Jesus fuck what do you think, of course there isn't.

No.592 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/09(Wed)20:02] [Report] []

There's plenty of make-up tips online that teach you tricks that can make you appear a bit more femme... look 'em up!


None right now!

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