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No.576 : shadowtrap #IbVInx3YSI [09/09/03(Thu)21:54] [SNAP]

This is something I wanted to talk about for some time but never did because I simply don't want to bring up my..... age.
I am a young woman (or whatever) in my early thirties and see so many so many young girls here. I wonder if I can keep up in regards to being sexually appealing. I say this because... well...... I'm the oldest fucking bitch on this block and fuck, if it doesn't bother the shit out of me.
I mean, I look fine. I also have emulated older women in the past even when I was much younger. Transition plays no part of this as I only address this in regards to "whom would desire a woman amongst girls"?
At this point, my years of self abuse and experience show through now. This is not really a bad thing to me as I see it as a kind of "war scar". I address so many as, "young lady" as a term of endearment. Holy fuck....
Granted, my mother and sister looked best at 40-45 for some reason. Also, many find a great relationship they could never have had at a younger age.
It would seem that money is such an important factor in my life now. My craving for sex was replaced for a craving for that yummy green paper and a purse for each day of the week. The fuck went wrong. Matter of fact, if a man doesn't have basic things like a "job" or a "car", I don't even give his broke sorry ass the time of day. Does this make me a tranny bitch?
Well, anyhoo......
What the fuck was I saying? Oh. yes, I love being an adult woman but often feel like I'm less desirable. Do I still have some kind of appeal to men? Or should I put my hair in pigtails and act like I can't spell my name let alone but my own dinner?

No.577 : shadowtrap #IbVInx3YSI [09/09/03(Thu)22:36] []

This is what I get for attempting to write falling asleep at my desk.

No.654 : Snow #Yo.CICr1RE [09/09/27(Sun)19:40] []

>>577 You are the best looking person in the fucking internets. Stop attempting to write falling asleep on your desk.

...she wrote, nearly falling asleep on her own d-- oh wait...

No.662 : defensive [09/09/28(Mon)20:29] []


I can't really judge whether you are superficially appealing to superficial creatures, i.e. men. As I told you before, I'm terrible at evaluating appeal on a physical level. I can say, however, that you are intellectually and psychologically appealing to messed up non-transitioning girls like myself, though I am considerably younger physically.

You could theoretically find pretending to innocent and superficial youth beneficial in some situations, but I can't imagine any that you, as you present, would actually value. You are a complex insane adult woman and I don't think anybody of import would want it any other way.

No.679 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/05(Mon)00:18] []

hell, get my email address in the email thread (kalamazoo, mi) and write me. My ex wife was (is) three years older than I. I'm attracted to maturity and had enough of virgins long ago.

No.1021 : karma chameleon #IUHIMOCkQU [10/03/21(Sun)13:23] []

this is to the OP


hi, new here and just catching up on all the threads.

had no idea you were in your 30's. thought id post in here because i identified with what you have said.

i just turned 28 and actually feel the same way you do. oh and im a guy btw.

and yeah the money thing is strange. you just realize there more to life than just chasing sex. so you achieve things like owning a nice house, car, business, whatever.

dont really have anything to add this other than to say...

you actually provide a very important roll here. If i had access to this board while in high school i strongly believe i could very well have been traping.

you seem to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience and advice to all members of this board. From people thinking about transitioning to people just simply curious about it, helping to dissolve prejudice against transsexuals/gays ect

without realizing it you could have even gone as far as to save people from depression or worse from feeling so alone or so confused. because of people like you this board is a treasure.

a younger person could not provide this.

the young kids you and i see now are the generation below us. in only a few years the next generation will come through. every one gets old and down.

but you'll never be the only one.


None right now!

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