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No.585 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/07(Mon)11:31]

Anyone know any good site for personals that cater to crossdressers/traps/those interested in them?

No.586 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/07(Mon)20:11] []

I'm likewise interested in this topic

inb4 Craigslist

No.589 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/09(Wed)14:10] []


No.590 : PrincessFoosi #1E0MZU2HrM [09/09/09(Wed)16:29] []


No.591 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/09(Wed)19:56] []


No.639 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/23(Wed)01:27] []

No.644 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/24(Thu)00:15] []

No.650 : defensive [09/09/27(Sun)02:57] []

The more questions I hear like this, the more I think I should finish my OKCupid derivative.

No.651 : Snow #Yo.CICr1RE [09/09/27(Sun)19:18] []

>>650 OKCupid for transies? That'd be awesome! <3

No.658 : defensive [09/09/28(Mon)03:07] []


More like OKCupid for a wider, more stratified population, including trans, but yes.

No.688 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/07(Wed)17:52] []

so something just as objectifying, that's cool, that' scool

No.691 : defensive [09/10/08(Thu)16:13] []


Well, that really depends upon how one uses the tools provided. You can paint yourself as an object or as a subject if you wish. I merely want to provide a more complex system which may help those who don't identify merely as A, B looking for E.

This system provides for the elective application of labels to the self. You could just go stealth if you wish, but those who want to be upfront can use a more descriptive system for the matchmaking and quiver.

You're only an object if you let other people turn you into an object. Terms and associations themselves do not objectify you. Only people can use them to do so, and only you can permit said people the social latitude to simply your character.

No.693 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/09(Fri)10:55] []




None right now!

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