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No.59 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/13(Tue)03:44] 1231836247463.jpg [GIS] (48205 B, 300x300)
48205 B

so confused where do i start?

No.60 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/13(Tue)03:46] []

also i just used hair removal cream foer the 1st time WOWWWWW this shit is great my chest is smooth as fuck

No.62 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/13(Tue)05:42] []

I need help with this too. Also, is there hair removal cream that can be used on the face? I have really fair skin with really dark hair, so no matter how close I shave, even shaving against the grain with a fresh 3 bladed razor, you can still see hair :< I was hoping maybe that and foundation could make up for it before I can get something like electrolysis done.

No.63 : jo [09/01/13(Tue)23:43] []

Some good reading that might be of some help:
"Making Faces" by Kevyn Aucoin; widely read, very detailed
"Color Me Beautiful" by Carole Jackson; to find what works for you
"Miss Vera's Cross-Dress for Success" by Veronica Vera; a general info book and personal favorite of mine
"Make-up Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make" (web)

No.98 : Nes [09/01/20(Tue)07:23] []

And, if you hit up some vids on youtube, that's a good place to get some tips and tutorials on makeup. I know some sites also have a lot of makeup tutorials, but I can't remember the links right now..
Asking a girl who is your friend is also a nice way, if you can.


None right now!

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