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No.708 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/15(Thu)15:34] [SNAP]

hi /cdE/ im a 20 yo crossdresser
and i need adv, in where to buy clothes anonymousely, im scared that some1 would know im into this. any ideas?

No.710 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/15(Thu)17:38] []

I've only started CDing recently...but... Yeah, the best way to do it? Around halloween nobody will look twice(Since it is this time of year) if they ask, say you're going as a girl. Online is always good... And you can find a female friend to go with you! :)

No.728 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/20(Tue)01:51] []

wow total fail. put some money on an anonymous visa gift card at a bank and mail order whatever you want.

if you're a fag who still lives with his parents tell them to card everything sent to you for pickup so it doesn't arrive at your house.

also guys buy their girls panties and shit all the time. nobody is gonna care

No.742 : jo [09/10/21(Wed)19:41] []

Unless you run into some really ignorant people, most store clerks or retail attendants will raise an eyebrow at the most... but will otherwise process your purchase once you're at the counter. If you go to a respected retail outlet and shop in the women's section, you may be questions "if you need help", but you have every right to reply "No, I'm fine."

People in retail are concerned with sales, not whether or not young men are donning bras and panties in their locked bedrooms.

But if you want to purchase items anonymously, online shopping is the best way to go.


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