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No.714 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/16(Fri)06:27] [Report] [SNAP]

Hey there - I was wondering if anyone could answer a couple questions for me (therapist asked me to find the answer to the latter one, I've had no luck so far):
For someone going MtF, has anyone noticed if HRT help with ribcage/chest size? Not the breasts, but the size/shape around the ribcage.

And does anyone know when HRT starts kicking your ability to impregnate around?


No.717 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/10/16(Fri)17:22] [Report] []
  1. Hormones don't affect your bone structure unless you start them REALLY young--before or during puberty.
  2. This is very relevant to my interests.
No.720 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/16(Fri)18:48] [Report] []

Thanks! I didn't think so. I worry my ribcage will be too big to pass - but I also wonder if this is just me being overcritical of myself. :D I've heard hrt reduces muscle mass a lot, will that help at all with the shoulder/ribcage area?

And yeah, that one is a hard one to answer. I don't know if anyone gets regular checks for potency after they begin hormones, and people vary so much. I'm hoping someone will have an answer, but I imagine it's hard to.

I'm hoping to start soon (and thinking I will), myself. :D

No.723 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/10/19(Mon)20:40] [Report] []
> I've heard hrt reduces muscle mass a lot, will that help at all with the shoulder/ribcage area?

This is probably what will really make the difference. Differences in skeletal structure are smaller than you might imagine, and a simple reduction in muscle mass, especially around the shoulders, can make a world of difference.

The great Wiki lists testicular atrophy as one of the possible side-effects for Spiro, but it doesn't go into details about dosages, probability, or how much atrophy it takes to shut them down.

Any experts on the subject? u_u;

No.747 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/23(Fri)03:08] [Report] []

Short term sperm reduction can happen fairly quickly, a month and you'll prolly be shooting blanks. Long term fertility issues will prolly only be after about 6 months, Or never depending on a lot of things.

No.748 : defensive [09/10/23(Fri)18:06] [Report] []


Which things and how do we track them down?

No.750 : shadowtrap #IbVInx3YSI [09/10/24(Sat)07:50] [Report] []

Hormonal therapy will cause fat redistribution in about six months but you need to make it work for you. Fat intake from a specific diet will greatly increase results. Your bone structure will not change. In truth, it doesn't have to. The fatty tissues are what make a T chick stealthy. Your tits could bang out as a result and you would end up with perfect tits that will fit your frame. More often, this is the case.
I would say in about a year your done for. A transsexual has "dry orgasms" after the fat distribution process has begun. You get off... but no evidence to support your claim besides being a bit wet in your panties.
Enjoy your estrodiol!

No.752 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/10/24(Sat)13:43] [Report] []

So much conflicting evidence. I guess it depends greatly on your own physiology and what kind of regiment you're on.

I hear your testament to dry orgasms, shadowtrap, yet I see all these pictures of perfectly passing, sexy traps cumming huge loads of white syrupy, sperm-packed goodness. (I've also seen the inbetween cases, eg. Sascha whose cum is transparent & sterile.)

Personally, I'm fairly fem as it is without hormones. All I really need is something to soften up this body hair, grow some tits, and maybe move a bit of fat around.

I'm also worried about masculinizing further with age. I'm 23.

Since I'm much too poor to bank but I still want to have kids some day, I'm very interested in knowing if a smaller dosage of somethingorother could suit my needs.

I know I should see a doctor but I expect outright rejection at this point in my life. By the time I'm experienced enough, I worry it will be too late. The biological clock is ticking.

No.759 : defensive [09/10/26(Mon)22:31] [Report] []

Still the expectation of children from the last male-bodied member of the bloodline interferes greatly with the realization of her self-hood.

No.813 : rawrhat [09/11/09(Mon)20:10] [Report] []

It does! A muscle that really changes your profile is the latissimus dorsi(or lat, for short). It's a prominent back muscle, which will effect your appearance, front and side included. It's generally muscles that account for the atypical male v-shape. Look at pics of female bodybuilders with developed back muscles and you will see what I mean. Or conversely, look at pics of men with eating disorders.

No.817 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/11/09(Mon)20:51] [Report] []

Well I actually like the idea of having kids of my own, and I also like having everything in my body working the way it's supposed to, so it's as much for me as for family.

I think you're on to something here. Is there any non/low-hormonal way to change this?

No.820 : rawrhat [09/11/09(Mon)21:36] [Report] []

I don't mind being sterile. It's not as if Im going to make a father(see: Transamerica). Besides that, what if my mental problems are hereditary? I'd feel like a total piece of shit if they inherited something like that. :p


Nutritionally, there is stuff you can do. Low-protein, high-carb, hearty amounts of 'good fats'. IE, nuts as opposed to french fries. That will help soften up your body composition. Not as much as it would accompanied by hormones, of course. Avoid heavy lifting as that can actually increase testosterone levels..

No.834 : Anonymous Writer [09/11/14(Sat)07:34] [Report] []

OP here, one other thing I was curious about - for personal reasons, I'm not posting pictures, but most people I talk to say I have a feminine face already. Will hormones help with that? I have a bit of a brow ridge that worries me. I understand FFS can fix that, but that's a while away.

I realise bone structure won't change, but will fat redistribution in the face help?

Thanks again!

No.837 : Anonymous Writer [09/11/15(Sun)03:40] [Report] []

Allright guys I'm close to 18 so it's pretty much now or never before I'm on the too-late-table, how do I go about telling people I want to start taking HRT?

Please help xx

No.844 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/11/16(Mon)20:14] [Report] []

'Too late' is a myth. (unless your name is Kim Petras) But yeah going earlier makes things easier/faster. Do you have money of your own? How supportive are your parents/do you expect them to be?

If family / doctor support falls through but you have money, there's always:

If your parents will support your transition, maybe even buy stuff for you, you've got it made. Otherwise, work at getting independent, at least long enough to go through with most of transition on your own.

No.851 : androgenous [09/11/18(Wed)15:39] [Report] []


No.852 : defensive [09/11/19(Thu)02:55] [Report] []


Same here.


None right now!

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