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No.749 : If I am truly going to trap.. [09/10/24(Sat)07:09] [Report] [SNAP]

I need to lose a lot of weight and muscle before I even begin HRT. What is the cardio exercise that builds the LEAST amount of muscle and tone? Running gives you arms, and biking, what can I do?

Also, is anyone vegetarian? Is the amount of feminization you get on a vegetarian diet justify going vegetarian?

No.751 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/24(Sat)09:22] [Report] []


No.755 : jo [09/10/25(Sun)14:34] [Report] []

Give Marie Windsor or Billy Blanks a call.

No.757 : maxie #oblAO6/sUQ [09/10/26(Mon)04:25] [Report] []

Yep. A lot of women swim for the same reason.

No.831 : Anonymous Writer [09/11/13(Fri)14:20] [Report] []

Careful with swimming, it also builds on your shoulders


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