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No.772 : Oh, sheesh. [09/10/29(Thu)22:21] [Report] [SNAP]

Dear Jentrap,

Devoted reader here.
Requesting assistance from you, but not on the boards. Any possible way I can get a hold of you?

No.773 : Oh, sheesh. [09/10/29(Thu)22:24] [Report] []

I apologize for the double post. But, to increase my likelihood of a response... It'd be glorious if I could manage a way to get a hold of Jentrap and Shadowtrap. I promise, I'm not a horny guy who wants to talk dirty to you or anything like that, I'd just like some opinions and help. Anywho; thanks in advance.

No.774 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/10/29(Thu)22:42] [Report] []

What, I'm "famous" but I haven't even posted any pics? .__.

(Set coming soon BTW if I don't deem it to be overwhelmingly beginner.)

So while I'm sure you have the best of intentions, I really can't give away important personal information on an anonymous imageboard, especially since I'm still closeted for the most part.

I'll see tomorrow if I can set up a throwaway email address. I also might as well throw this out there: Are you in / anywhere close to eastern Ontario?

No.776 : Oh, sheesh. [09/10/29(Thu)22:57] [Report] []

I could care a lot less about your pictures; honestly. I just like your attitude, miss. And while I understand the privacy issue (I'm in the same boat), I'd like to thank you in advance if you take the time to set up an account. If not, it's all gravy.

If you call central Ohio near Ontario.. Sure, I'm close, but otherwise I'd say no, not at all, and I've never been to Canada.

No.794 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/11/01(Sun)20:28] [Report] []

I might also add you on my guy facebook if you're really trustworthy.


None right now!

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