Cross-dressing, Trapping

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No.788 : Rina #o7IoaYt5UM [09/11/01(Sun)06:21] [SNAP]

This isnt specifically trans or CDing related but I just wanted to share this with my fellow traps!
I find this webcomic to be very insightful and I can really relate with her. Anyways please tell me what ya thinkers! LOVE YOU ALLL <333

No.809 : Mitternatch [09/11/08(Sun)17:28] []

Damn, it takes a long time to read it all but for some reason i fell better now. awesome comic

No.827 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/11/12(Thu)15:08] []

Some of those, especially dealing with parents, apply so much to me. Good read.

But all buzz cuts must DIEE!! Girls teasing us by passing with inch-long hair, pffft...


None right now!

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