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No.829 : rawrhat [09/11/12(Thu)23:30] [SNAP]

Range +50%
UTI Resistance +75%
Self Loathing +100%

Bonus Abilities::
-Meat Helicopter(Generate an impenetrable radius for a short duration)
-Stand and Pee(can pee out the car window without having to stop)

Agility +20%
Inventory Space +5
Aerodynamics +35%

Bonus Abilities::
-Bottomless Pit(can absorb attacks from penis wielding opponents)
-Mesmerizing Slurp(Conscript lesser-minded opponents to do your bidding)

No.830 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/11/13(Fri)11:51] []

My own Special Ability: Genderfuckery. Negates all genitalia-induced self-loathing.

Below-the-belt Defense: -80%
Feminization: -50%

Bonus Abilities::
-Seed (Can make babies with natural Vagina wielders. Subject to STERILE status.)
-Raep (Can begin intercourse without the other's consent.)

Stealth: +10%

Bonus Abilities::
-Legendarygasm (Mythical ability described in some testimonials.)

Attack Name: SRS.
Effect: Replaces installed penis with vagina.
Cost: over 9000.
Small random chance of triggering nerve deadening or other complications.

If you want it, you want it. You already know what to do. If you're undecided, remember Ockham's Razor. Don't make things needlessly complicated for yourself.


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