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No.833 : Anonymous Writer [09/11/14(Sat)04:51] [SNAP]

I've just come out as TS to my friends and family. They went crazy they are all right wing and some of them christians. Any way i have quite a muscular build and I was just wondering when I start hormones if that would reduce my muscle mass because i really need lose the bulk if I'm able to pass.

All these years of living in denial god I wish I could start over again.

No.835 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/11/14(Sat)20:54] []

Good job. (I'm still working on a strategic way to come out to my dad. Difficult since some of my plans depend on him NOT knowing, or otherwise him accepting it, which WON'T happen.)

Hormones might help a bit with hiding cheek and chinbones. Maybe keeping your hair long would hide your brow ridge a bit, but I dunno. You may be stuck.

>All these years of living in denial god I wish I could start over again.

Don't we all, lol. I'm constantly jealous of Linetrap and all these TGs who managed to transition in their teens. I realize that LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES play a huge role and most of it is beyond our control. For me, money and support were NOT THERE, so pushing it any earlier than I did would have gotten me NOWHERE. Just be glad you're not starting any later.

Also remember all the TGs who transition in their 40s+ but can still stealth.

And I'm a huge moral christfag. If you need any good pro-trans religious arguments, you know where to come.


None right now!

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