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No.860 : Anonymous [09/11/21(Sat)02:16] [Report] [SNAP]

Hey all, I go to my local gym about 3 times a week, for the last couple of years.

I need advice on what kind of exercise to do to turn me into a sexy girl. (Yes I know it won't be that magically easy, but at least put me in the right direction). Not interested in hormones (at least for now), CD only. So what can I do? I'm too embarassed to ask for a program from a gym instructor for a girl, so hopefully someone here can help.
ps. I'm a bit overweight, but with a grilyfication program I'll have renewed enthusiasm to work on my figure!

Constructive help only please, not looking for trolls.

No.904 : Anonymous [09/12/06(Sun)06:46] [Report] []

My bodybuilder friend once told me, "No one ever got big by accident," when I asked him about weight training for strength or size.

I guess whatever you do you will want to avoid building your deltoids so your shoulders don't get even broader but I think going in this direction you will only end up parodying the female figure. I exercise for the martial arts I study so my body is quite lean but still slender at about 70kg, 180cm. But then I'm not really trying to become a trap… just sexy (and healthy).

No.981 : Anonymous [10/01/26(Tue)18:50] [Report] []

Stay off the weights and do aerobics. You can use those wrist and ankle weights but nothing more. Aerobics will give you a girly figure. Be careful not to over exercise too. If you lose too much body fat you'll look masculine. You need to keep a little bit of soft on you.


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