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No.866 : Anonymous [09/11/22(Sun)20:34] [Report] [SNAP]

So I have started seeing commercials recently for a new prescription medication to stop unwanted facial hair growth. It says it blocks the enzymes that trigger the unwanted hair growth. Does anyone know what I am talking about and has anyone tried it yet? I am curious what the cost is versus laser or electrolysis, if insurance would cover it (doubt it because it is cosmetic), if it is as good as advertised, and how do you get it.

No.868 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/11/22(Sun)21:23] [Report] []

I have never heard of this.

Or are they just talking about Vaniqa? What I've been led to believe is that it only works for women and TGs who have been on HRT for a good while. It "reboots" hairs to do what your body is telling them to do, but had been growing thicker because of past hormonal conditions.

In the context of transgender hair removal, it seems like a glass house. If you're off hormones for too long, it all comes back. It's better off to just get it all nuked permanently.

No.870 : rwarhat [09/11/22(Sun)22:42] [Report] []

Chemotherapy anyone?

It sounds really sketchy. It could work, I guess. What was it called?

No.879 : Anonymous [09/11/24(Tue)19:54] [Report] []

OP again, yes it was Vaniqa (or something like that). So I take it that it is estrogen triggered? Otherwise I don't see why it wouldn't work for genetic males (stupid xy chromosomes).

No.882 : Anonymous [09/11/25(Wed)17:49] [Report] []

Only works as long as you use it. stop using it and your back at square one. no such thing as rebooting, people aint computers.

No.883 : Anonymous [09/11/25(Wed)21:28] [Report] []

Ok I see what you mean, for genetic males it isn't permanent. You have to use it life long. I guess depending on cost and how long it takes to kick in that might not be bad, but laser sounds better.

No.884 : Anonymous [09/11/26(Thu)17:55] [Report] []

Not permanent on anyone, ever.

No.890 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/11/29(Sun)12:35] [Report] []

My reference:

The reasoning of the girl in this article was that her facial hair follicles were "stuck" in a coarse, terminal state from all the past testosterone in her system. After decades & decades of HRT, these hairs do thin very gradually, but this is obviously not good enough. Her reasoning was that Vaniqa would hasten up this process and they would begin doing what her body was telling them to do.

Obviously, if the hormonal conditions in your body lead to terminal hair growth, the effects would be temporary.

So it's more likely for TGs on hormones to experience permanent effects than GGs who have unusually high androgen levels/sensitivities.

Still, the testimony is very shakey, and even if it does work, it's a glass house that would come toppling down if you're off hormones for any length of time.

For some people, Vaniqa doesn't work at all.

>So I take it that it is estrogen triggered? Otherwise I don't see why it wouldn't work for genetic males (stupid xy chromosomes).

Again, if your hormones are fighting it, it won't work.

>no such thing as rebooting, people aint computers.

The female vellus facial hair pattern is a legitimate state for even a male's hair to be in. TGs lucky enough to get on hormones (Kim Petras RAAAWRR!!) before their beard hair grows in never develop any. It's just a matter of coaxing the hairs into that state, then they'll stay there unless hormones are telling them to do otherwise.

The theory is sound. Whether that theory has ANY bearing on reality is another story.

Experiment. Just don't blow too much money on something that's a long shot.

No.891 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/11/29(Sun)16:59] [Report] []

Bumping because autocomplete saged it.


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