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No.873 : Anonymous [09/11/23(Mon)19:17] [Report] [SNAP]

What is a discreet way to buy panties online? I have two roommates that I don't want to discover my secret. I really want to buy some Victoria's Secret panties, but I hear that it says "Victoria's Secret" on the package and you start getting the catalog in the mail. I really don't give a fuck what it says on my bank statement. I just need a discreet way of having them shipped to me. Any ideas?

No.877 : jo [09/11/24(Tue)17:14] [Report] []

Victoria's Secret packages only have the letters "VS" and the return address on them, that's all. The "VS" letters are in pink, but the company name isn't listed in full anywhere on them.

The best way to get item's shipped to you near anonymously is actually rather simple, find vendors that plainly describe their shipping options as "Discreet Shipping." If an online store includes this option, they'll make it prominent in their FAQ.

No.878 : jo [09/11/24(Tue)17:15] [Report] []

Also, depending how old you are, it may not matter whether or not you get the magazines in the mail... god knows when I was in college a couple years ago, I knew several guys who got VS catalogs mailed to them.


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