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No.875 : Kristy #FEZKlA6o6g [09/11/23(Mon)23:31] [SNAP]

I found this on /cgl/ on 4chan, thought it would be helpful here too, though not sure how accurate some of it is and ignore some of the terms.


-- Note that this video is LONG and the maker tends to ramble; feel free to skip forward a lot...
5 'o clock shadow
- Colortration (covers shadow/scars/tattoos, but it's expensive)
- facial wax (too costly and long term) (too coarse to wax)
- nair for face: (should be good for price and the amount of time that it works for)
- reshave midday
-- Use actual razors or a REALLY good electric razor
-- Smooth Away DOES NOT WORK.
- look for characters whose hair covers vertical jawline, then use makeup tricks on the chin
- use a dark concealer on chin and jawline, then pronounce cheekbones with blush
- use hairgel to shape eyebrows thinner
- a good trick for passing in pictures is using a dark eyeliner or eyebrow pencil for drawing on darker, thinner eyebrows over lighter ones
- if you're going to pluck, even a little will make a difference if you do it right:
-- start from the bottom and work upward
-- you don't have to make a dramatic eyebrow so long as you clean it up a little; pull out the stray ones
- Simply put, the more you pay, the better it is. Some good brands are:
--Max Factor
- No sense in buying more than small amounts of whatever you're using; makeup can go bad, so if you're not gonna be using it all the time, save the money by buying less.
- DO NOT go overboard with makeup; it's the same as for girls - less is more.
- Makeup basics:
-- concealer
-- foundation (liquid: TruBlend/L'Oreal True Match | powder: Lancome)
-- lipstick
- Makeup essentials:
-- eyeshadow
-- eyeliner (liquid: Lancome)
-- mascara
-- blush
-- lip liner
-Make sure to get makeup remover wipes and clean off all your makeup at the end of the night
>> Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)09:26 No.2347398
Stuffing materials
- jelly water holders (check gardening departments)
- large balloons w/ water (check flower/gift shops)
1. pull scrote back between your legs, balls pop up in there easier if they have nowhere else to go.
2. if it's just casual, then you wont need tape, sufficiently well-fitting panties work fine to hold it all in place. without tape, thongs are a no-no as your scrote will dangle out the sides.
3. taping is an optional step. i've actually not tried it until now and it doesnt seem to work without slathering your scrote in sticky tape.
- boys obviously have different arms/shoulders than girls. Go for long sleeve if you can, or maybe add some arm warmers to the costume as "custom touches"
- shop far from home where nobody would know you or see you again, or shop online; the general idea is that the actual items you shopped for won't show up on your CC bill so much as where you shopped and an amount (sears*****$20)
- For panties, briefs panties are going to be best for tucking and will be comfortable. Most everything else won't hold you as well.
-- Possibly spandex shorts as an alternative
- if you legs are good enough, not using them may add to the illusion
- if you're not sure, use them
- if you KNOW your legs won't pass (too muscular, scars, etc), use skintone dance tights
- In terms of quality, the more you pay, the better you can expect them to be. Stay away from Leggs Everydays.
- If you want to be super careful, use cotton gloves to put them on so that you don't get snags or runs.
>> Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)09:27 No.2347400
- knees together/cross legs when sitting
- stand up straight with shoulders back; it'll make your shoulder span look narrower
- walk one foot in front of the other (tightrope walking)
- good posture - Start balancing that book on the head
- pay attention to how you hold your arms/hands; keep your arms close to your sides.
- not all girls have super high-pitch voices (think Jessica Rabbit)
- if you REALLY think that you can't do it, just try not to talk much (act shy)
- If you think people might see it, shave it. It'll look better, and it's just hair; it'll grow back after the con.
- Exfoliate before shaving; use hot water and a loofa/washcloth/whatever you have with soap, or some sort of exfoliating wash. This will help prevent razor burn.
- In order of best to worst, shave gel, shave foam, liquid soap, bar soap.
- The first time is gonna take a long time, so don't try to rush it.
- Try not to take more than one pass with the razor to prevent irritating the skin.
- Make sure the razor stays clean - use alcohol on a blade before you reuse it, and rinse it after every pass or so.
- wash the area after shaving
- use a moisturizer after your shower to prevent dry skin and ingrown hairs
- use feminine body wash, shampoo, perfume, and paint your nails if they're gonna show
- Try to find a men's deoderant that doesn't have a smell, since that'll be better than trying to use a women's deoderant. Your bodywash/shampoo/perfume will take care of the rest.
No.881 : Anonymous [09/11/24(Tue)23:44] []

Thanks for the find; I've saved it for future reference. /cgl/ is actually pretty good for this kind of info, even though it comes rarely. I've already saved lots of links and such from there.

No.1041 : Anonymous [10/04/19(Mon)05:55] []


well, share the wealth. What else have you found?


None right now!

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