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No.896 : Anonymous [09/12/02(Wed)21:57] [SNAP]

i've been experimenting with crossdressing for years now, going from wearing panties at 10 then wearing more at 15, and i wear my mothers stuff, i've recntly told a very good friend of mine that i want to wear and very interested in wearing, but haven't told her that i'm already wearing let alone my mothers stuff. what should i do?

No.909 : Anonymous [09/12/06(Sun)22:30] []

kust an update on the situation, she is very interested in what i'm doing, and said they she would try anything once, and yea it seems that she has no problem with me wearing her stuff, so what the hell am i suposed to do about the wearing moms stuff thing?

No.911 : Anonymous [09/12/09(Wed)15:58] []

Wear her stuff and not your mom's.

No.920 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/12/12(Sat)18:46] []

Buy your own clothes.


None right now!

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