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No.899 : Anonymous [09/12/04(Fri)16:14] [Report] [SNAP]

Is it safe to have a banana in my ass? I mean for 30+minutes at a time with no condom. Im afraid of it going too far up so i literally lose it and cant take it out again. I pretty much want to sit at my pc or watching tv with something in there.

No.902 : Anonymous [09/12/06(Sun)06:34] [Report] []

I used a banana before I got a dildo but I used a condom. That way I could peel it and eat it afterward although the flesh had been squeezed into much by my sphincter.

Don't you waste that banana! Bananas are good for you.

No.908 : jo [09/12/06(Sun)16:34] [Report] []

Well, why wouldn't it be safe? The only mega-serious problems you'll have with reckless anal play will either be pain or bleeding from unlubricated entry or a ruptured colon if you penetrate with something really huge really deep. A banana? Naw. If you were using raw meat, then I'd second-guess.

Also, >902 is right, bananas are squishy... plan appropriately.

No.976 : Amazing Blondel [10/01/20(Wed)23:35] [Report] []


Just do yourself a favor and get either a nice dildo or a starter buttplug. Always use lube as well (Astroglide FTW)

I recommend either Amazon's selection or the site Eden Fantasys as they have terrific user reviews of almost every product.

No.978 : Anonymous [10/01/21(Thu)04:18] [Report] []

My experience is not definitive, but I have not ever had any complications from it. Seems like it kinda start to dissolve after a while. Also to get an unpeeled banana in will require lubrication and a very relaxed ass, otherwise you will squish it all over the place.

No.985 : Shadowtrap #sOSd4BQoMA [10/01/31(Sun)04:38] [Report] []

I don't think safety is the issue here. I think the problem is choice.

No.992 : Wrecked [10/02/05(Fri)01:52] [Report] []

Cut that little black part on the end off or just like soften it out, because it can be pretty hard and jagged and I'd bet can cause micro tearing on your intestinal track. I don't know for sure, I just think I've heard that somewhere, and hey, better safe than sorry.

Also, it'd probably be a good idea to put a condom on it. I mean, you can wash it, but the skin is porous, and you have to think about all the people that may have touched it, what kind of chemicals it came in contact with, etc epsecially since you can pick up things with your intestines a lot easier than you can be ingesting stuff, so even thought it's food quality it might not be "stick up your ass" quality.

I would use a condom.


None right now!

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