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No.11 : age #eNwncubcDk [08/12/15(Mon)20:53]

King_John: there are three types of people;
ones who can use any hardware
ones who can use macs
and ones who can use windows

No.109 : Anonymous [10/03/13(Sat)14:18] []

Is there a type in your world where Windows isn't hardware, or do you have to come to Earth for that?

No.110 : Anonymous [10/03/18(Thu)15:22] []

>>109 wow you must be really dumb if you couldn't figure this quote out.

No.111 : Anonymous [10/04/21(Wed)00:49] []

and then there are real people who use linux

No.112 : Anonymous [10/04/21(Wed)20:32] []

>>111 you are also dumb

No.113 : Anonymous [10/04/22(Thu)21:27] []

just looks like a dumbass quote to me. what are we supposed to be "getting"

No.115 : [ph34r] [10/06/10(Thu)08:25] []

lol I'm not dumb, so i get it. and no, I'm not going to tell all of you to 'prove i know'. have fun wallowing in your lack of understanding.

No.121 : Anonymous [10/07/07(Wed)00:43] []


fucking idiot(s)


None right now!

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