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No.126 : Anonymous [10/12/16(Thu)14:59] [Report] [SNAP]
> 1995

Is anyone else sick of all cases being BEIGE? I just want a decent looking case that is black or dark grey.

> 2000

Is anyone else sick of all cases being BLACK? I just want a decent looking case that is translucent blue or orange.

> 2005

Is anyone else sick of all cases being TRANSLUCENT? I just want a decent looking case that is black.

> 2010

Is anyone else sick of all cases being BLACK? I just want a decent looking case that is white or light grey.

No.127 : Anonymous [10/12/16(Thu)19:25] [Report] []

I was surprised how many people don't know how ethernet cables work, so I've made a little guide.

As follows:

Black is faster but has a higher chance of packet loss.

Blue helps to keep the lines running cool, so downtime is usually way less.

Yellow increases the speed of queries, but if it isn't changed out enough can lead to data clotting.

Grey combines white and black to offer high speeds (not as fast as black) with minimal packet loss (but not as little as white)

White has the lowest chance of packet loss.

Green uses the least amount of power and is best for the environment.

Pink is dangerous, and can lead to outages due to it's inability to filter requests, but it tends to be a little cheaper so it gets used overseas a lot.

Purple offers no upsides or downsides aside from being very physically sturdy.

Avoid red at all costs, heats up lines and may cause server fires, and can even create dangerous firewalls.

Orange combines yellow and red, leading to lines which burn up quickly, very dangerous, usually created by terrorists to take networks down.

No.128 : Anonymous [10/12/21(Tue)10:09] [Report] []

CRT is a much better technology than LCD.

1) Perfect black levels
2) Flawless off-axis viewing
3) Much faster refresh rate than LCD
4) Warmer, more natural image (thanks to scan lines and small granules)
5) Far longer life-span
6) Not subject to manufacture problems such as dead-pixels
7) Good range of compatibility with lower or non-standard resolutions without blurring

Given ultimate space and money the world's best CRT could easily crush the world's best LCD. So tell me /g/, why do you like your inferior screens that companies such as Samsung have brainwashed you to think is better than what already existed? The only cost-savings are on their end.

And the funny thing is you guys keep buying this crappy LCD technology and giving away your free CRTs on Craigslist. A fool and his dollar are soon parted I guess.

And before you start yapping about IPS panels:
Enjoy your slow G2G response to switch pixels already, not to mention that hidden input and scalar lag. Luckily, CRT has no such bullshit.

The only semi-legitimate point I've heard against CRTs regards weight, but you don't bitch about the weight of a prospective couch while furniture shopping, do you? Didn't think so.

No.160 : Anonymous [13/07/05(Fri)05:25] [Report] []

More strong points about TFTs: -
1st, they last long (1999 to 2013 in my case, still running) - ymmv
2nd, it's very clear at its natural resolution
3rd, TFTs use less power
4th, TFTs are instant on (2s max) - CRTs take ~8 secs
5th, TFTs are more compact. You can move them closer to the wall, or across the table
TFTs are lighter too - but if CRT is too heavy for you, you're a doosh. full stop. new paragraph.

disadvantages of TFTs: -

  • while it's strong at its natural res, it's weak slightly below - if you have 1280x1024 TFT, NEVER use it @ 1kx768 - either 1280x1k or 800x600 is better
  • slower response, motion blur in games and vids
  • while TFTs are clear @ their natural res, they can be TOO clear - some fonts look smoother on CRTs.
  • all tfts seem to be 16/9 - great for movies but TVs exist for that reason
  • 16/9 is stupid unless you have chinks for eyes (paper is not 16/9, and portrait format anyway)


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