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No.130 : Anonymous [11/10/01(Sat)06:25] [SNAP]

let me tell you something

  • AMD invented x86_64
  • AMD invented Vt-xAMD-v
  • AMD designed today's memory controllers. Intel and VIA copied to some extent.
  • AMD designed the lowest TDP processor.
  • AMD pioneered the latest speed race, without AMD, Intel would still be in Pentium 4, Nvidia would still be in the 9000 series, AMD is the lead innovator and THEY are paving the way for processor and GPU manufacturers such as Intel and Nvidia.
  • AMD was the first to have integrated memory controllers.
  • AMD was the first to have dual core technology
  • AMD was the first to intelligently throttle cpu clock speeds to save power.
  • AMD was the first to introduce integrated buffer overflow prevention


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