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No.132 : Anonymous [11/11/12(Sat)03:22] [SNAP]

let me tell you something

  • Opera invented Tabs
  • Opera invented memory management
  • Opera was the first to integrate privacy control
  • Opera was the first to integrate a component which speed up loading times, and could increase page loading as high up as 40x
  • Opera designed today's browser UI. Chrome, FF and IE copied it to some extent.
  • Opera designed the minimalistic UI of having 1 icon where you access all settings etc.
  • Opera pioneered the latest speed race, without Opera, FF would still be in Beta 1, Chrome would be in Chrome 6, Opera is the lead innovator and THEY are paving the way for browsers such as FF and Chrome.
  • Opera was the first to have integrated search
  • Opera was the first to have Small Screen Rendering
  • The first to have full page Zoom
  • Opera was the first to cache web pages in RAM rather then HDD
  • First to introduce Mouse Gestures
  • Opera was the first to introduce integrated pop up blocking
  • Opera was the first to introduce Speed Dial. An innovative feature which is now copied by Chrome and I believe Firefox as well
  • Don't forget to add that Opera is the first to support HTML5's <input type="date"> so you don't have to use a library like jQuery UI.


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