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No.151 : Anonymous [12/07/01(Sun)13:14] [Report] [SNAP]
>brother calls up, computer doesnt display anything
>he drops it off
>Windows says "Ati card detected, no drivers found"
>remove crap AMD "HD" 7800 card
>Install High-Performance Nvidia Quadro Graphics card in the computer
>install drivers
>configure everything to display at highest quality settings
>return computer
>he calls up
>"Thanks bro, i will never buy anything AMD again! "
>one week later he dies in a housefire
No.152 : Anonymous [12/09/08(Sat)08:23] [Report] []
>try to use windows
>want to download a youtube video
>8 things I try fail to work
>try youtube-dl with python
>python install fails and corrupts, computer barely running at this point
>try to record video with cam software
>software fails to actually record. saves corrupted files all across hd
>go to random youtube to mp3 website
>suddenly something executes in my browser
>screen flashes and goes black and back to normal
>have trojan/virus on pc
>mse pops up
>can't remove trojan with mse
>run malwarebytes scan but computer is too slow to do anything
>computer completely freezes
>mfw all I wanted to do was download a youtube video


None right now!

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