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No.169 : Anonymous [2015-09-15 00:01] [Report] [SNAP]
>Trusting Nvidia after 3.5gb
>Trusting Nvidia after gimping 700 series
>Trusting Nvidia after housefires
>Trusting Nvidia after 103C VRM on TitanX
>Trusting Nvidia after lying about TDP on desktop GPUs
>Trusting Nvidia after they killed 400/500 series with Drivers
>Trusting Nvidia after Woodscrews
>Trusting Nvidia after no async
>Trusting Nvidia won't bribe Linus/OC3D/TTL/J2C to hide figures/use MSAA on AMD

I'll take my 'No drivers' card that keeps up with the equivalent Nvidia

I'll take my 'Housefire card' that has never caused a fire

I'll take my 'what are you poor' card

I'll take my 'Energy Bill through the Roof' card

Nvidicucks on Suicide Watch


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