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No.174 : Anonymous [2016-06-14 07:13]

Countries where people don't have such free access to the Internet don't have these kinds of incidents.
Time for to enact controls on this dangerous assault medium.
No one really needs access to that much Internet.
What's up with these web nuts and their weird pastimes anyway?
Isn't it worth it if we can save just one life?
Our cities are bathed in blood and these Internet companies are profiting from it.
The First Amendment mentioned freedom of "the press". There are no printing presses used to make the Internet.
We just want to register and track Internet users.
And subject them to background checks before they can go online.
And prevent them from using dangerous tools like "encryption" to hide their usage.
We've got to close the WiFi loophole that lets people access the Internet without a background check.
Who could argue with these common sense measures?
If you don't agree with this, you have blood on your hands.


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