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No.192 : Anonymous [2020-01-23 01:41] [Report] [SNAP]

Be Ian Murdoch.

You love your wife so much you name the masterpiece of your life after your names. Debra + Ian = Debian.


After 15 years she leaves you taking with her half of your money and a chunk of your heart. Debian - Debra = Ian?


She found a new lover immediately but after 6 years you still can't get over the divorce. You are alone. Worse of all every day at work you hear about 'Debian' and it reminds you of her.

Debian debian debian.

Then "women in open source" start telling you everything is white-men's fault. Why aren't you doing anything for women in tech? Aren't you ashamed of your privilege you fucking cis-scum? And even with all your privilege you are alone.

Debian debian debian debian.

Maybe at the bottom of the next bottle I'll find some solace.

Debian debian debian debian debian debian.

Then the neighbour yells "install gentoo you fucking faggot!", it's blind rage.

Next thing you know a cop is strip-searching you, she's a woman. Her name is Deborah.

No.193 : Anonymous [2020-03-11 13:12] [Report] []

Good kopipe, but you should modify the "women in open source" to be members of the Debian team, as they've implemented a vewwy pwogwessive CoC.


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