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No.162 : Anonymous [14/03/10(Mon)11:25] [SNAP]

6 Questions Feminists can't answer (without admitting Feminism isn't about equality):

  1. What are you willing to admit Feminism offers you that Egalitarianism cannot?
  2. Can you name one Feminist stance that doesn't blame men as the cause?
  3. If Feminism is really about equality, then what have Feminists ever sacrificed to help men achieve equality?
  4. If Feminism is about equality, why do Feminists believe it's never okay to hit a woman, but sometimes it's okay to hit a man?
  5. If Feminism is about equality, why is it only named after women?
  6. If Feminism is about equality, then why don't they advocate 50:50 male/female hiring quotas teachers, nurses, daycare, HR, and administrative staff?


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