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No.271 : Anonymous [2020-09-08 01:42] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Nothing about the current political situation we are currently experiencing in the west will ever make sense to you unless you first understand that you live under foreign occupation and are thus subject to the rules of the occupiers. If you do not start from there, you will search for multiple explanations and rationalizations for your society's misery and shortcomings that will ultimately lead you nowhere.

The thing is, your enemy has no interest in a so-called "victory" over you, because they already won - long ago, before most of you were even born. Now, the entirety of their actions is aimed at a single goal - humiliation. Humiliation robs you of your humanity, your will, your reason to fight on. Humiliation takes everything from you, and it even robs you of being worthy of empathy. It has been used by every occupier in history, and it’s our natural primal understanding of defeat. The Ottoman practice of Köçek is a prime example, similar to the concept of “Drag Kids” in modern America. Köçeks were a combination of dancers, clowns and prostitutes; they were young non-Muslim boys taken from their parents and trained to be willful sexual objects and entertainers for the Ottoman Turks. The goal was to have the occupied think “if we allow that to be done to our boys, what else can they do?” The answer is "anything". It is full-spectrum domination of the minds of the conquered.

Your enemy doesn't want gay pride parades in your street, drag queens in your libraries, your son's penis mutilated and drip-fed estrogen from birth, your parents dead from opioids and cancer, your daughter race mixing, your meat replaced with bugs, all while your media laughs at you because they think it’s for anyone's benefit. They want it because they know you don't want it, but can't stop them. They want to humiliate you. There isn't any other reason. And that's exactly what they are doing.

No.265 : Anonymous [2020-08-26 21:14] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

"LOSERS could be here" he thought, "I've never been in this stadium before. There could be LOSERS anywhere." The roar of the crowd felt good against his tie. "I HATE LOSERS" he thought. Puccini's "Nessun Dorma" reverberated the entire stadium, making the crowd cheer even as the $1.50 Diet Coke circulated through his powerful thick veins and washed away his (merited) fear of handshakes after dark. "When you're a star, you can grab anything you want" he said to himself, out loud.

No.266 : Anonymous [2020-08-27 21:25] [Report] []

"KIKES could be here" he thought, "I've never been on this imageboard before. There could be KIKES anywhere." The ethnic violence statistics felt good against his persecution complex. "I HATE KIKES" he thought. 10 Hours of Soft Loli Breathing played gently in his headphones, making him throb even as the $9 moussaka circulated through his powerful Greek veins and washed away his (merited) fear of being exposed as non-white on IRC. "On the internet, you can say anything you want," he said to himself, out loud.

No.267 : Anonymous [2020-08-27 21:32] [Report] []

"NIGGERS could be here" he thought, "I've never been in this neighborhood before. There could be NIGGERS anywhere." The cool wind felt good against his bare chest. "I HATE NIGGERS" he thought. Sweet Dreams are Made of These reverberated his entire car, making it pulsate even as the $9 wine circulated through his powerful thick veins and washed away his (merited) fear of minorities after dark. "With a car, you can go anywhere you want" he said to himself, out loud.

No.269 : Anonymous [2020-08-27 22:54] [Report] []

"WHITE BOYS could be here" she thought. "I've never been in this 'hood before. There could be WHITE BOYS anywhere." The cool wind felt good against her fat ass. "I LOVE WHITE BOYS" she thought. I Like It ft. Bad Bunny & J Balvin reverberated her entire car, making it pulsate even as the $1 malt liquor circulated through her powerful thick booty and enhanced her (merited) attraction to white boys after dark. "With a car, you can fuck anywhere you want" she said to herself, out loud.

No.270 : Anonymous [2020-09-07 19:21] [Report] []

"TRANNIES could be here" he thought, "I've never been in this sauna before. There could be TRANNIES anywhere." The hot steam felt good against his tiny bepis. "I HATE TRANNIES" he thought. "Country Roads" by John Denver reverberated through the wooden beams, making them vibrate even as the €9 Lakka circulated through his powerful thick veins and washed away his (merited) fear of IRC opers after dark. "On freenode, you can be as racist as you want" he said to himself, out loud.

No.247 : Anonymous [2019-04-10 07:57] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

You will never pass. You will lock yourself away in your home and become more and more bitter and delusional as you desperately try to convince yourself that you look like a women.

Your only friends—and I use that word very lightly—will be fellow castrated men who will also be suffering the same regret and mental anguish over their poorly thought out decision. The entirety of your "friendship" will be mutual reassurance that you didn't make a mistake, and discussing how to make other people fuck up as bad as you did so you won't be alone in your misery.

But you will be alone, even around other people.

Always alone in your head, always suspicious of what others really think about you, always knowing the truth that they are only humoring you out of pity.

Despised by all, hideous, a freak. Incapable of having love, a family, or genuine human connections. Slowly, your grip on reality will slip away until, on the rare moment you are forced to confront it. It will be such a shock to you, such a painful reminder of what you actually are, that the intrusive thoughts will hijack your every waking moment.

No.250 : Anonymous [2019-05-16 01:49] [Report] []

god can you imagine how fun and fucking sexy it would be to be able to compete without abandon against a team of women? i mean they could literally throw themselves at you and you'd laugh as you crush them beneath you.

So this is the power of feminism... ha.. ha ha.

No.257 : Anonymous [2020-05-22 19:37] [Report] []

Reminder that trannies are just cultists. If people were allowed to live as their true selves, as either tomboys or femboys, they would be healthy and happy. Unfortunately, sometimes they get groomed into thinking they have problems that don't exist and that it can only be "treated" with drugs and bodily mutilation. But in reality, no one is ever happy when they "transition". It's just a meme that ruins lives. The tranny fad needs to die and people need to start accepting and loving themselves for who they really are. Natural traps and tomboys who don't get tricked into taking damaging hormones or getting heinous surgeries are always a million times happier and more attractive than these tranny abominations. If you support or enable trannies in any way, you are not a good person. You are part of the problem. Trannies are an active death cult that recruits through bullying, gaslighting and harassment. They go out of their way to make people feel uncomfortable with their true selves so that they feel more dependent upon the tranny cult and its backhanded encouragement. If you have any love for tomboys or androgynous men, or if you just don't like seeing people get hurt, it's your job to speak out against trannyism and point out the damage it causes. It's not a real sexuality. It's not a real identity. It's not even a real mental illness. It's simply a dangerous fad started by fetishists and enabled by politically obsessed sycophants, and it needs to be stopped before more people ruin their bodies and their lives.

No.264 : Anonymous [2020-08-12 13:49] [Report] []
>Out of 5107 trans women (median age at first visit 28 years, median follow-up time 10 years) and 3156 trans men (median age at first visit 20 years, median follow-up time 5 years), 41 trans women and 8 trans men died by suicide.

"trans women" (i.e. men) committed suicide at 4 times the rate "trans men" (i.e. women) did, which is exactly the same disparity we see in suicides among normal men and women.

No.263 : Anonymous [2020-08-06 13:24] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

If the two positions are incompatible, then a person who accepts one should reject the other. So:

  1. If you believe blacks in confrontation with police should defy the law, you should also encourage rebellious behavior by restaurants.
  2. If you believe restaurants should submit to the law, you also hold that blacks should submit to the law. Which is it?

My favorite is the sneering pro-choice activist who claims that the pro-life advocate should also care about children's safety and defend their rights after they are born. A cause they advocate. Yet in the face of their own assertion that opposition to abortion rights is consistent with liberal child welfare policies, they support those policies while also supporting abortion rights.

The important point is that they do this mainly to confuse people, and to drive their adversaries onto the wrong side of low stakes issues out of spite.

No.262 : Anonymous [2020-08-04 00:57] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Of all the words of tongue and pen
The saddest remain: /pol/ was right again

No.261 : Anonymous [2020-08-02 15:13] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]
>rose tinted glasses

The leftists have been hammering away this argument for decades — mass public homosexualism, child transgenderism, sixfold increases in crime rates, a culture of fornication, leftism, and lust, enormous verifiable quantitative increases in the divorce rate, abortion rate, obesity, pre-marital sex rate, and fatherlessness, and enormous verifiable decrease in male grip strength coupled with a proliferation of mental disorders, and the intense erosion of various liberties guaranteed by the Constitution in favor of promoting the 'rights' of sodomites and welfare leeches objectively prove we are living in a shittier reality except for material standards of living. Our society is gutted out and decayed when you look at anything other than economic metrics.

It's no surprise that those who stole our inheritance attempt to fudge the accounting.

No.260 : Anonymous [2020-07-21 15:46] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Veganism at its core is a selfish ideology. It only exists to try and wipe away the manufactured guilt of overly empathetic urbanites.

  1. Plants have been proven to feel pain pain and respond to stress, so veganism cant be about ending the suffering of lesser life forms, as they cause plants to suffer.

2.Vegans require supplements to to live on their diet. The majority of these supplements are manufactured in factories that contribute to chemical polution of the air, land, and water. Some how this is morally better than eating meat.
3.The generation of electricity kills animals and harms the environment. Hydro electric dams destroy habitats and kill fish, solar panel production causes polution, windmills kill birds, etc. Yet thete is no disavowing of electricity.
Millions of animals are killed every year in the cultivation of crops.
Just because you dont eat the flesh of animals doesnt mean that your meals are not stained with their blood. You live an unnatural lifestyle that harms the environment so you may feel better. Go live on a farm, grow your own veggies, and raise your own beef, and you will have less of a foot print, be self sufficient, and be a more effective advocate for animals in general. You must understand that for life to continue, life must be taken. Until we're post scarcity, this will not change. To ignore this is to ignore reality.

No.258 : Anonymous [2020-05-26 10:49] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

The amygdala on leftists doesn’t work the way an amygdala is naturally intended.
They won’t recognize apparent upcoming threats, but will have amygdala overloads (part of the phenomenon of the npc angry sperg out, and the sjw sob fest) over petty emotional shit instead.
Shitlib scientists/npc journalists love to twist this around and claim whatever faggot narrative suits mainstream agenda.
Instead of “right wingers see the obvious; rape gangs of sand niggers are an obvious danger, we better fix that” you’ll see headlines about how “right wing underdeveloped brains are full of fear, & nazi evil-bad! We’re so bigbrain we get fucked over by Jews and Niggers”

No.259 : Anonymous [2020-05-26 10:49] [Report] []

the other research on this is startling, because the amygdala can only do 3 things once it gets triggered and takes over the other cortical functions. it's a very primitive part of the brain that deals with combat engagement. these moves are, Attack, Defend, Retreat or reposition. during a conversation where their amygdala gets triggered (which they are proud of and openly admit to you ...) these three moves present in speech as Denial, Delusion and Blame. a guy with a phd figured this out 15 years ago and sold a book about it, it's meh.

however the lesson learned from his research cannot be overlooked. Denial is obvious

>I didn't do it

then delusion, right?

>it didn't even happen

finally blame, the icing on this two layer cake

>if it happened at all it's your fault.

you will notice that faggots, niggers, democrats, retards, children, and women will all move through Denial Delusion and Blame without experiencing the self awareness necessary to be based in agency. they are dysfunctional, and they need treatment for their mental health problems because they are not based in agency. you could confront them, and ask them how playing pretend helps them achieve their goals, but since they are triggered they don't have enough integrity to be confronted with the consequences of their actions.

No.255 : Anonymous [2020-01-27 09:03] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

>>241106195 (OP)

Don’t forget we don’t have any Africans left because of AIDS

That's because AIDS is as indolent and slow to work as they are, corona has a bit more of that bugman efficiency about it

No.256 : Anonymous [2020-03-21 15:16] [Report] []

AIDS is not cured is it?
Dengue is not cured is it?

AIDS is managed but never cured.

But they have to tell people something.
All the regular stuff one would do against a virus that normally works--actually helps this virus do a better job killing you. Look at Italy as an example--the treated the pneumonia which is bacterial with the usual treatments for pneumonia-steroids and antibiotics. It didn't work--the patients got worse. Italy stopped using steroids and started using this HIV/Quine treatment--it's probably only effective it they start it soon enough before the virus has a replication party and overwhelms the system.

BUT the virus crosses the blood brain barrier and lodges in the brain--and just waits for the chance to reappear. Like you will always have chicken pox as an example--and it shows up in a worse form as shingles later in life. The vaccine prevents you catching chicken pox by blocking it--a vaccine for wulfu? makes it worse.

That's why cases exploded in China after their Dec. 1 mandatory vaccine.

With the right to try law I encourage people to demand the Vitamin C IV protocol. IT does the same thing, better--you will still always have the virus but you will recover without the organ damage that the drugs give.

No.249 : Anonymous [2019-04-24 22:45] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]
>be me
>work at children’s camp when I was in college
>90% of the children and parents there are white (thank god)
>host mother/son or father/son events where the parents spend a few days with their children at camp
>parents are genuinely the happiest people on the planet with their kids
>spend all day running around with them, playing and laughing, it was genuinely a great sight
>children all look up to their parents, would walk up to me and just start telling me about their parents
>graduate college, leave camp job
>attend EMT certification
>attend fire academy
>become fire fighter
>twice now, two fucking times in my ~8 months so far working as a firefighter have to respond to a call and cut down a corpse of a suicide victims
>both victims women
>one in her early thirties, second was definitely in her forties
>both of them had 0 (zero) family pictures in their shitty apartments, nothing but a laptop, a closet and floor full of clothes, and frozen meals

no matter how jaded or hardcore you claim you are seeing a dead body strikes a nerve, I sometimes wonder what would have happened if those two women didn’t decide to fuck around and work a cubicle job for 40k a year and decided to marry and have kids instead, I wonder how much warmer they would be instead of their stone cold faces I had to see. You’re not going to be in your 20s forever, one day these dried up corporate women will be chucking themselves from rooftops

No.254 : Anonymous [2019-07-22 01:31] [Report] []

its not white women hating white men. its white women becoming overly obese, to the point that they dont even register as female in that low-level, primal sector of a man's brain. the sector that kick starts the whole attraction-pursuit process. fat women may as well be children or men; they're completely invisible to men seeking a mate

with all the thousands and thousands of words written about the current male/female relationship problems, all these boomer and feminist commentators completely overlook the elephant in the room: female obesity. they skip over this fact with such regularity that it cant be an accident nor an oversight. its most likely denial and/or shame at their own state

but make no mistake, female obesity is killing relationships, marriage rates, family structure, and population sustainability

No.253 : Anonymous [2019-07-18 08:54] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

With men, it started as a souvenir of places and things you'd done, sailors would get a tattoo from Hong Kong or exotic places, Marines would do the same, or get tattoos showing they'd made it into the Marines. Very few of them would go nuts with it, tattooing their entire arm, or their faces. Those that did that would usually find work in traveling freak shows. And women did not tattoo at all, it was looked on as a blemish on their bodies.

Piercings were limited to earrings, and with the exception of professional sailors, men did not get them. The only reason sailors would was because it was traditional, with a single gold earring being the cost of a Christian burial, if their bodies were to wash up on shore.

Then faggots started to get piercings to signal to other faggots they would buttfuck, and then the media pushed everyone into thinking it was "normal" to shove the equivalent of a bone through your nose, while those pushing the idea laughed their asses off when they saw you looking ridiculous in public.

Now it's out of control, and it still looks terrible.

No.252 : Anonymous [2019-06-27 00:38] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

It's lazy English.

I am.
You are.
He is.

Simplifies to:
I be.
You be.
He be.

It eliminates plurals.

SAE: Two dollars.
Ebonics: Two dollar.

It eliminates the word "the".
I am going to the store.
I be goin' to sto.

Basically, it's a lazy way of talking. It's also a form of aggression to show how little they care about the way they present themselves. If smelling like shit is offensive because it offends people nearby on account of poor hygiene, so too is using incorrect English a way of stinking up the intellectual area of people nearby.

No.251 : Anonymous [2019-05-26 21:13] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

He who is not angry, whereas he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices, it fosters negligence, and incites not only the wicked but the good to do wrong.
-John Chrysostom

No.248 : Anonymous [2019-04-19 01:18] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Advertising is actually being thrown for a loop because you used to be able to advertise to women and then women would get men to buy the thing for them, but nowadays there are fewer and fewer women with access to a man's money and advertisers have no idea how to actually advertise to men. It's why you see things like the modern Gillette and old spice ads; the tried and true way used to be to make woman think that men who use the product look and smell good, so women tell their men to use that product, but nowadays that method no longer works so advertisers are trying more and more outrageous ideas to recapture lost market space.

No.246 : Anonymous [2019-04-07 16:00] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

The Holocaust was white genocide.
If you don't believe white genocide exists, it means you're a Holocaust denier.

No.245 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 14:30] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]
> Be jaquan
> posted on the corner with dareese
> sellin' bags nowamsayn
> paperchase.exe
> shooting shit with dareese we've known each other since we was kiedzs
> both dropped out of school in the the 8th grade
> both ran a train on kelsey along with 17 other squad members
> Pretty sure dat bitch got pregnant that night
> Could be anyones
> bet its deshaun
> hotnigga.mp3
> Both spent some time in the joint
> Dareese and I both raped him after he raped me one day in the showers
> Dareese is truly my greatest ally
> I'd fuck my way out of a thousand showers for that man if it meant i could be with him
> No homo tho
> night's getting on
> made a few sales
> usual customers on theirs and one new guy came through akskin for a dime
> fuckouttahere.bat
> all of a sudden hear the sound of a thousand lips smacking in unison and the feint cries of "SCUUUUMMM GAAAANNNGGG" and "TREEEYYYWWAAAAYYY"
> the noise is deafening
> getting louder
> oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
> suddenly a fleet of beat up 1996 acura's roll around the corner
> It's tyrone, the baddest nigga in the hood
> " Aye foo where my money"
> " a-a-a-ayyyy tyrone we was jus finishin up mane" i stutter
> "Well it don't fuggen look like it"

Comment too long. Click here for full text.

No.243 : Anonymous [2018-08-03 09:14] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

So, I'm a social worker and I get to deal with a lot of child abuse cases. A lot. When we suspect that there is a case of child abuse in the family of a very small child, such as a toddler for example, as well as examining the child(ren)s underwear, we will sometimes go through old nappies (i love my job) looking for signs of vaginal or anal bleeding.

If the child has been groomed over the course of a couple of years by a careful abuser then there is not that much damage actually. This is when the abuser has for example used toys and mild penetration over a couple of years to gradually make the child more open (in both senses to the word) to sex.

There is a big debate regarding the psychological damage caused but I have found on the whole children who have been subjected to several years of abuse have also had the threat or implied threat of violence, ostracisation, seperation etc hanging over them.

One guy we had have seemed genuinley surprised to hear that they have been damaging their daughter, saying that they loved the child and would never do anything to hurt them. That the anal bleeding was just an unfortunate sideeffect of their love making and he hoped that it would eventually stop happening and that he kept promising himself that he would be gentler the next time etc etc.

To be fair though, I have more sympathy for the pedos than I do witht he violent ones. We sometimes get people who are physically kicking the shit out of their kids or are just neglecting them. The very worst cases is when there is violence, neglect and sexual abuse. Those are the cases I masturbate to the most.

No.244 : Anonymous [2018-09-12 12:17] [Report] []

being a social worker would be a good job. Always getting to visit the children's homes, I'd be going thru the undie/panty drawers all the time, probably swiping some for my own pleasure. Maybe in the next life!

No.242 : Anonymous [2018-08-02 12:11] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]
>be me
>8 years old
>Don't like math, don't like listening to teacher ramble on and on about nothing
>Don't like school in general
>Jew teachers recognize this hostile mindset
>Demand resident jew mind sorcerer probe my brain for shekel generating defects
>School: "His tests came back normal, but we think he should be in the crazy kid class so we can get more mon- I mean for his own good!"
>Retarded goy mother: "That sounds just dandy!"
>Stick me in the literal psychotic wing of the school for many fun childhood experiences
>Forcing that black kid that always made a break for it at lunch time to make a public apology for his sins
>Getting sent to the "quiet room" for laughing at the public apology (which essentially consisted of me reliving my favorite of his escape attempts)
>Schizophrenic children breaking into my classroom to escape the (((devilmen))) chasing them
>Teacher taking him outside telling us to have free time
>Sneaking out and seeing schizo boy screaming bloody murder in the hallway as five adults hold him down
>That one room where some kid tried to kill himself with a basketball hoop, which is why they stopped "basketball therapy"
>That time I was out sick and came in and made fun of Melvin as usual only to get pulled outside by the teacher
>Hot teacher: "Anon-kun, you were out sick so you didn't see..."
>First boner teacher proceeds to describe in detail their progressive social experiment
>Made class insult paper lion with word MELVIN written across it, tearing piece off with each insult
>Once lion was in a million pieces, "Dis is wut u do wen u r mean 2 melfin!"
>Then force class to compliment torn up lion, and tape him up for each compliment
>Tells me all this with teary eye'd pride for her brainwashing experiment
>Immediately fuck with Melvin and thwart her propaganda after that
>That black kid that made a break for it every day at lunch
>That time they made him give a public apology for making a break for it every day
>That time I laughed at the public apology and got sent to the quiet room for disturbing the peace
>That time I realized, "Quiet room is pretty bitchin. I can take a nap, don't have to do school shit, can 'express myself' in the psychology sandbox

Comment too long. Click here for full text.

No.241 : Anonymous [2018-04-07 05:35] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

What the heck did you just say about me, you little honey bun?
I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Cutie
Patooties, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret tweets
on Daddy Trump, and I have over 300 confirmed snookims. I
am trained in butter biscuits and I’m the top sweetie in the
entire US sugar doodles. You are nothing to me but just
another Daddy. I will cuddle you the heck out with warmth
the likes of which has never been felt before on this Earth,
mark my words. You think you can get away with saying that
dookie doo to me over the Internet? Think again, cutie. As we
speak I am contacting my secret network of Mommies across
the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better
prepare for the huggie wuggies, deary. The huggies that
wipes out the silly little thing you call your meanie doodles.
You’re in trouble, Daddy. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I
can tweet you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just
with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in
butter boops, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the
Cutie Wooties Fruity Tooties and I will use it to its full extent
to wipe your widdle face, you little cutie pie. If only you
could have known what huggie wuggies your little “tweetie
weetie” was about to bring down upon you, maybe you
would have held your mouthy wouthy. But you couldn’t, you
didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, honey buns. I will
wiggle woop all over you and you will drown in it. You’re
really sweet, honey.

No.227 : Anonymous [2017-06-29 11:06] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

By age,
Up to 22: None.
From 22-26: Upper bound is two.
26+: Upper bound is four.
After that, I wouldn't trust a woman who had engaged in sex acts with more than a small handful of partners. This implies poor future planning and impulse control, as well as a willingness to establish an intimate relationship through sex acts first instead of affirmation of mutualistic perspectives on the big topics, i.e. sex, marriage, children, religion, politics, future aspirations, etc.
Though, what’s more important than partner count (though the smaller, the better, with ZERO partners being ideal) are the circumstances which preluded her sexual encounters.

  1. If she has engaged in ANY one-night stands, that's a huge red flag. This is especially true if the one-night stands were actions of vindication (rebelling against the perceived prudery of her parents) or were self-medicating attempts to drown out trauma/rejection.
  2. If she has engaged in casual sex with what she calls her "friends" and not her romantic partners, that's another big red flag--sex is best reserved for a level of social intimacy superior to that of platonic friendship.
  3. Any public or voyeuristic acts of sex are a definite NO. A girl that willingly agrees to create pornography will probably view her sexuality as a means of garnering attention, and unlike prostitution, the voyeurism implies apathy towards the preservation of her PUBLIC image. If true desperation drives a girl to prostitution, she can still attempt to preserve an image of modesty by keeping her sexual exchanges as private as possible. A woman can't be a porn actress “in private”, since the very purpose of engaging in pornography is to profit from the accompanying exhibition of her sexuality.
No.240 : Anonymous [2018-02-11 20:48] [Report] []

you, redpill neckbeard, are what is wrong with modern dating


None right now!

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