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No.295 : Anonymous [2021-08-31 09:37] [Report] [SNAP]

Manipulative tendencies advantage us; absence of violence protects us.
The western liberal order loathes violence and allows viscid pilpul, thus we are at an advantage. We are successful in a system that positively selects liars and manipulators, and punishes or jails the violent.
Anything that damages the human being and makes it weaker and dependant to a system is good. Drugs, sexual trauma, parental trauma. Damaged people flock to our side because we paint ourselves as the "caring" ones, but the manipulative comfort we offer is meant to keep you in a dysfunctional state, otherwise you don't need us, or our protection.
These conditions, and our brainwashing, breeds envy and spite against normalcy or the functional. The dysfunctional are meant to become spies, social jailers, and activists. The artificial emotional bond towards the cause—oppression against the dysfunction, caused and encouraged by us—guarantees loyalty.
Everything in the system gives advantage to this scheme. Everything in the system gives disadvantage to my enemy. Whose only effective weapon against our inherent weakness (violence) is forbidden.


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