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No.20 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/26(Sun)07:22] [SNAP]

To be fair she just ran out of ideas of what to do. Cam people tend to lack on the creative side. Not to mention the fact she is solo so she cant make any good movie sets for creativity.

Just ONCE I would like to see some cam chick recreate scenes from movies as best as they can. Even if the sets are cardboard, painted to look real. I give the following examples:
Reservoir dogs: Cutting off ear while dancing to Stuck in the Middle With You.
Star trek: Trekkies are easy pick ANYTHING
Star wars: Easy but more picky, may the force be with you.
Aliens: I just want to see how cheap but creative they can get.
Matrix: come on... too easy...

There are others, yes not creative but it also hasnt been really done.


None right now!

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