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No.207 : Anonymous [2015-10-29 23:30]

Gonna tell you a story /b/, Chinese moot hates me so I'm going to post what I have already written and continue in replying

>Be me 10 years ago
>15 year old beta
>Horny as shit
>Middle of school year
>New hot Asain transfer student
>Speaks choppy as fuck English
>"Herro, My name is Akio I'm preased to meet you."
>Everyone says hello.
>She sits next to me at the back of the class room
>She smiles at me and says
>"I hope we can Become goord Friends!"
>Get embarrassed as shit
>Everyone laughing
>She just smiles and the rest of the day goes pretty normally.
>Weeks later
>Devloped crush on Akio
>Talk to her every now and then
>She speaks little English and her accent sounds retarded half the time
>The only friend I have is a huge nerd
>"Ask her out you pussy"
>After many days of him calling me a pussy I ask her out
>"I wourd rove to Anon!"
>Ask her to dinner at fancy dinner I really can't afford.
>After school ask dad for money
>Mom died when I was young
>"What for anon"
>"I have a date with the exchange student"
>I sparked his attention "That Asain girl?"
>"I'll be right back"
>He goes upstairs and walks down with money in his hands and a box
>"Safety first, Son"
>Hands me box of condoms and asks me if I know how to put them on
>Embarrassed as fuck
>Tell him yes, he says good and gives me allot more money then I need.
>"Have fun, Son"
>Run upstairs to my room and teach myself to put on a condom
>Meet her that night
>She's wearing a cute dress and a pull over.
>"Herro anon, are you ready?"
>On the inside I'm saying hell to the fuck yes I'm ready
>"Y-Yes!" I open door for her
>When we get inside I help her with the menu
>Date goes fucking perfectly
>She was smiling for real now
>I offer to walk her home, She says yes
>I didn't think I was gonna get laid that night
>Didn't care too much, told myself next time
>She has a grin on her face as we get close to her place
>When we get there she asks if I will come inside
>Start freaking out but keep it cool and say sure
>She leads the way to her living room
>Tells me to sit down wile she makes tea
>Sit down anxiously
>She comes out with two cup, hands me one
>Tastes horrible, unsweetened green tea
>We talk for a wile until she says something that shocked me
>"You know anon, I have thing for Americans"
>She literally crawls on top of me
>Instant boner, but ask about her parents
>"They work untir two Am anorn."
>Look at my wach, it's 10:00.
>Feel her up, flat chest but I gave 0 fucks
>She moans when I touch her non existing tits.
>She's kissing my neck
>Hump the air and rub against her cunt
>She pulls down my pants, underwear and all
>Dimond fucking hard, leaking a little
>She jerks me off, cum on her panties.
>"There's so much Anon"
>About to pass out untill she takes off her panties
>Start rubbing my cock with her cunt
>She's moaning and I get hard again, she grins
>Starts riding me, feels so fucking good, not sure if tight Asain pussy or virgin
>She's screaming at this point, I think she's close so I cum
>Cum inside
>She looks disappointed and I ask what's wrong
>She just pushes me down so I'm laying on the couch
>Sloppy kissing, tastes like that green tea
>Stars hovering her cream pie over me
>Suddenly I'm drowning I'm my own cum and her cunt and juices
>She rides my face, being very vocal about how much she's enjoying it
>Suddenly she puts her asshole on my mouth
>"Fuck my arshore with your tongue anorn!"
>I do as I'm told, she asshole tastes horrible
>I don't even breath, to busy tongue fucking
>Suddenly she says she's Cumming
>I come back to reality and I got a wiff of her asshole
>It smelt like rotten eggs and piss
>Realize I didn't use the condoms my dad gave me
>Accidentally blow air up her asshole
>Suddenly a warm chunky substance enters my mouth
>It tastes so bad I puke
>She came so hard she pissed all over me
>Mfw covered in Asain girl piss and shit, my own puke
>She starts screaming and apologizing, some in English some in her language
>I'm disgusted
>Start puking calling her a nasty cunt ect
>Run out of her house, no pants, covered in shit, piss, ect.
>Strip naked and wash off with the hose behind her house
>Look like a naked ninja trying to find a way in my house without being seen.
>So fucking angry, Have to climb into my room though the window
>Jump in my fucking shower with toothbrush
>Mfw I cried in the shower for a hour
>Mfw dad asks how it went
>She never came back to school, she went back to her fucking country.
>Mfw I can still taste her shit.


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