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No.223 : Anonymous [2017-05-19 00:22] [SNAP]

Unless you are a Maori, Tongan or real Scandinavian Viking desendant you have no business getting tattoos. Those are tribal and traditional to a culture. Tattoos are the bumper stickers of the human body. Bumper stickers were originally the color of the car or amber/red to for broken tailights for people to cheap to fix them. Over time makers realized that they could make them cool stickers or "Obama/Bernie" stickers. Bumper stickers, body kits, and stereotypical flames are done to hide the cheapness of the a vehicle. Think about this. When was the last time anyone put on bumper stickers, body kits, flames on a Ferrari, Lamborgini, Yacht, Porshe? Never, why? Because those cars are super valuable. No one has to prove their worth. The makers know the value of the product they sell. When was the last time you ever saw a commercial or ad for them? Never, why? Because they sell themselves. Cheap brand makers constantly advertise their cheap products to convince you they are valuable.

Tattoos are the bumper stickers, flames, and body kits of the cheap person. A person who knows how uninteresting, unintellectual, and how boring they are. So they use tattoos to hide or distract you from this. It is the sign of lack of foresight, lack of wisdom, lack of self-respect, low-self esteem, insecurity, and self-hatred.


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