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No.226 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 02:46] [Report] [SNAP]

They don't understand how to argue.

They're used to the idea that they should be right by virtue of their position in society or the position of some 'expert' they heard about.

So they can't break down the different aspects of what makes a comment funny or interesting because they get too offended by the notion that someone doesn't agree with them nor thinks that the experts they are referring to are respectable.

And by experts I mean people like Bill Nye, CNN, NYT, and so on, the people or groups that are respected by people on the left purely because they have some reputation of supposedly being respected.

So the most they can do is try and look at where comments/ideas are coming and going, while not being able to understand the underlying meaning behind the comments.

Part of their problem is that this worship of experts has led to a hierarchy that disallows understanding outside forces. Decentralized groups such as those that form on imageboards, twitter, or wherever else, become impossible for them to understand because they have no frame of reference due to never considering it necessary to consider things from an outside point of view.


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