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No.245 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 14:30] [Report] [SNAP]
> Be jaquan
> posted on the corner with dareese
> sellin' bags nowamsayn
> paperchase.exe
> shooting shit with dareese we've known each other since we was kiedzs
> both dropped out of school in the the 8th grade
> both ran a train on kelsey along with 17 other squad members
> Pretty sure dat bitch got pregnant that night
> Could be anyones
> bet its deshaun
> hotnigga.mp3
> Both spent some time in the joint
> Dareese and I both raped him after he raped me one day in the showers
> Dareese is truly my greatest ally
> I'd fuck my way out of a thousand showers for that man if it meant i could be with him
> No homo tho
> night's getting on
> made a few sales
> usual customers on theirs and one new guy came through akskin for a dime
> fuckouttahere.bat
> all of a sudden hear the sound of a thousand lips smacking in unison and the feint cries of "SCUUUUMMM GAAAANNNGGG" and "TREEEYYYWWAAAAYYY"
> the noise is deafening
> getting louder
> oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
> suddenly a fleet of beat up 1996 acura's roll around the corner
> It's tyrone, the baddest nigga in the hood
> " Aye foo where my money"
> " a-a-a-ayyyy tyrone we was jus finishin up mane" i stutter
> "Well it don't fuggen look like it"
> Hand over all of tonight's proceeds to the giga nigga in chief
> Shoots us for not getting cayush to his itchy palms soon enough
> mfw i'm another statistic
> mfw my face is the FBI crime statistics on black on black violence
> mfw we wuz kangz


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