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No.96 : Anonymous [10/11/12(Fri)09:39] [SNAP]

Dear retard spammer: Allow this old greybeard to point out a little marketing 101 you are your knuckle dragging pals seem to be missing: TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE FUCKNUTS!!! This a geek central dipshit. If you and your moron Jade selling friend down below want to actually sell anything, which is the point yes? Then TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE FUCKNUTS!!! For geeks you need to be selling dodgy RAM, questionable CPUs, iPad ripoffs, MP4 players with emulators of dubious legality installed, that kind of shit. Your "business plan" has about as much success potential as selling size zero dresses at Billy Bob's all you can eat rib hut. So remember these words, and please take them to heart: TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE FUCKNUTS!!! Thank you and have a NICE day...douchebag.


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