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No.188 : Anonymous [2014-07-16 19:40] [SNAP]

No, that's what a shitty playground looks like. A "real" playground is 2 storeys tall and made of metal. It's also not wide enough for fatties to use it (unless, maybe, if they move sideways). Every bit of it is metal, welded, including the ladders and spirals and 10'+ tall monkey bars. On a "real" playground, you can climb every bit of it. Up and along the barriers, under the platforms (using the bars keeping the platform from warping), and up or along any other pole (especially the 20' fireman's pole). The metal slides don't fit fatties, either. Especially not the one attached to the top level. A "real" playground has a ladder going to the top level, from where your spiral slide also descends. The ability to climb and stand and fall and die from every level is what a "real" playground is all about.

They no longer make "real" playgrounds.

No.189 : Anonymous [2014-07-16 22:06] []

The problem isn't the cyclists, though. Have you ever heard of a pedestrian hitting a car and then running away?

Motorists hit everything with their death machines. They drive away as fast as they can. Another car, a cyclist, a pedestrian, a dog: it doesn't matter. They don't want to get caught.

North America loves giving away licenses to people who couldn't operate a tricycle without killing something. This is the real problem.

No.190 : Anonymous [2014-07-16 23:06] []

I'm afraid of walking alone at night, in certain areas of the city, as well. It has nothing to do with who is around, but who might be around, and I keep my eyes open and I don't do stupid things like walk through dark alleys.

You don't need to be female to be afraid of black people.


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