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No.23 : Anonymous Stalker [09/05/10(Sun)07:44] [SNAP]

Welcome to Niggerbuntu

Niggerbuntu is a Linux-based operating system consisting of Free and Open Source software for laptops, desktops, and servers. Niggerbuntu has a clear focus on the user and usability - it should Just Work, even if the user has only the thinking capacities of a sponge. the OS ships with the latest Gnomrilla release as well as a selection of server and desktop software that makes for a comfortable desktop experience off of a single installation CD.

It also features the packaging manager ape-ghetto, and the challenging Linux manual pages have been reformatted into the new 'monkey' format, so for example the manual for the shutdown command can be accessed just by typing: 'monkey shut-up -h now mothafukka' instead of 'man shutdown'.

Absolutely Free of Charge

Niggerbuntu is free software, and available to you free of charge, as in free beer or free stuffs you can get from looting. It's also Free in the sense of giving you rights of Software Freedom. The freedom, to run, copy, steal, distribute, study, share, change and improve the software for any purpose, without paying licensing fees.

Free software as in free beer !

Niggerbuntu is an ancient Nigger word, meaning "humanity to monkeys". Niggerbuntu also means "I am what I am because of how apes behave". The Niggerbuntu Linux distribution brings the spirit of Niggerbuntu to the software world.

The dictator Bokassa described Niggerbuntu in the following way:

"A subhuman with Niggerbuntu is open and available to others (like a white bitch you're ready to fsck), affirming of others, does not feel threatened by the fact that other species are more intelligent than we are, for it has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that it belongs to the great monkey specie."

We chose the name Niggerbuntu for this distribution because we think it captures perfectly the spirit of sharing and looting that is at the heart of the open source movement.

Niggerbuntu - Linux for Subhuman Beings.

No.24 : Anonymous Stalker [09/05/10(Sun)07:44] []

When I first read your post, my thoughts were that you in fact not human, but a chimpanzee that had somehow managed to escape from the animal nuthouse. Upon closer inspection, I came to realize the horrible truth. You are without exception the most pitiful and woeful example of mankind that ever existed. You are the one who puts the 'Homo' in 'Homo sapien'. I am at a loss for words powerful enough to describe your pathetically sub-par intellect and nealithic communication skills, so instead you have forced me to rape and murder several small towns just to block out the extensive amounts of trauma caused by reading your post. I can only hope that this thread does not fall into the hands of more innocent victims, and one day, you will commit suicide in such an horrific manner that it cures some of the readers' trauma.


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