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No.258 : Anonymous [2020-05-26 10:49] [Report] [SNAP]

The amygdala on leftists doesn’t work the way an amygdala is naturally intended.
They won’t recognize apparent upcoming threats, but will have amygdala overloads (part of the phenomenon of the npc angry sperg out, and the sjw sob fest) over petty emotional shit instead.
Shitlib scientists/npc journalists love to twist this around and claim whatever faggot narrative suits mainstream agenda.
Instead of “right wingers see the obvious; rape gangs of sand niggers are an obvious danger, we better fix that” you’ll see headlines about how “right wing underdeveloped brains are full of fear, & nazi evil-bad! We’re so bigbrain we get fucked over by Jews and Niggers”

No.259 : Anonymous [2020-05-26 10:49] [Report] []

the other research on this is startling, because the amygdala can only do 3 things once it gets triggered and takes over the other cortical functions. it's a very primitive part of the brain that deals with combat engagement. these moves are, Attack, Defend, Retreat or reposition. during a conversation where their amygdala gets triggered (which they are proud of and openly admit to you ...) these three moves present in speech as Denial, Delusion and Blame. a guy with a phd figured this out 15 years ago and sold a book about it, it's meh.

however the lesson learned from his research cannot be overlooked. Denial is obvious

>I didn't do it

then delusion, right?

>it didn't even happen

finally blame, the icing on this two layer cake

>if it happened at all it's your fault.

you will notice that faggots, niggers, democrats, retards, children, and women will all move through Denial Delusion and Blame without experiencing the self awareness necessary to be based in agency. they are dysfunctional, and they need treatment for their mental health problems because they are not based in agency. you could confront them, and ask them how playing pretend helps them achieve their goals, but since they are triggered they don't have enough integrity to be confronted with the consequences of their actions.


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