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No.52 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/28(Mon)05:54]

Living in Asia is the biggest ego boost ever.

I was at a club this weekend when I went to the bathroom to take a piss. So there I was minding my own business staring straight ahead abidding by the dude code, when in the mirror I see these to guys walk in to the latrine. One goes to the sink and washes his hands. The other strolls up to the urinal next to me and starts pissing. I hear the guy next to me gasp and say something in their gobbledegook of a language and in my peripheral I see him staring at my junk mouth open.

Just staring like a deer caught in a spotlight.

His friend walks over right next to me and stares at my junk.

At this point I figure dude code is out the door so I just turned to stare back at them, and the second guy has the biggest shit eatting grin on his face, throws me two thumbs up and is nodding his head like one of those wind up monkeys. He say, "Very good very nice, yes good," in broken ass english.

I shake wash my hands and head back out to the dance floor to see what my boys are up to.

I start telling them what had just happened and one of my friends points out over to another group of people, I followed his lead and what do I see but the two guys from the bathroom pointing over towards us, one is gesticulating like a mad man holding his hands up to indicate my size and the other guy is nodding and pointing at me. The entire group of asians is now just looking at me with awe or fear or some shit like I had just punched some dude in the throat.

Just thought I would share because I am awesome like that

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No.73 : Anonymous [10/07/03(Sat)14:17] []

oh, hai !
I haz a big cokcs !!!!1!!1!


None right now!

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