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sticky No.1075 : Anonymous [10/06/11(Fri)11:05] 1276268736897.png [GIS] (39299 B, 604x586)
No.1076 : Anonymous [10/06/12(Sat)20:04] []

nice summary, but i think there is a further distinction - transvestites and transgenders. I'm a cd, but I don't really do the make up. So, I don't think of myself as a transvestite, or tranny. I don't venture out of my house dressed up. To me, the ones that do are transvestites, but not necessarily transgenders. Just my 2 glamourous cents.

No.1168 : Anonymous [10/11/22(Mon)11:39] []

if you are trying to be glamorous "tranny" is about the least glamorous word you could use. hth

No.1245 : Randy [12/03/31(Sat)13:26] []

"Trans" is not an exclusive reference to transsexual. "Trans" can refer to any gender noncomformity which includes genderqueer, gender-bending, gender-fkked, dyke, boi, Lady boy, glam boy, tomboy, and a host of other gender expressions and gender identities. Not trans people are seeking HRT or sex change.

Also transgender is an adjective not a noun. It is incorrect to say "transgenders". Please use "transgender people" instead.

No.1258 : Anonymous [12/07/24(Tue)00:38] []

>>1253 It came from this site. Look at the menu. TRANCHAN

No.1293 : Anonymous [12/11/24(Sat)21:17] []

I'm not overly keen on that definition of "trap".

I know it's the common usage, so I should probably give this up, but I think a trap is attempting to trick people (entrap them, if you will), and I'm not sure undergoing a biological transformation consitutes a trick.

There's no "oh god you're actually a man" if it's only something they used to be.

No.1296 : Anonymous [13/01/08(Tue)10:27] []

It doesn't matter what you're keen on. It's a term used by people who aren't from 1905 to identify a CD/TS who passes so well that you would be unable to know the truth without being told.

If you aren't keen on memes, or are offended by this term, you should probably stop using the Internet and move to Mormon country.

Also, trap is mostly related to cross dressers, so no, being a male isn't something they "used to be," it's what they are. Some may actually transition and maybe even become more of a trap, but at that point, you'd call them what they are - trans.


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