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No.1165 : Anonymous [10/11/12(Fri)02:14] [Report] [SNAP]

So my boyfriend and I are very open with each other about sex. Recently he told me that he's into cross dressing. He's already explained that it's pretty much just dressing up, fap fap fap, then taking it off. I've been trying to find out more about his fetish (why he does it, what he gets out of it, etc) but there are only creepy old guys on most forums.

so I was wondering what you guys/girls get out of it/ what turns you on about it. Sorry about the mildly ignorant post :( I really just want to learn more about my boyfriend's fetish.

No.1166 : Anonymous [10/11/12(Fri)10:43] [Report] []

Background: mid-20s guy, I only date women, and I have a girlfriend.

I don't really fully dress but I'm into feminization. At times in my life I've owned and wore panties and heels (for fapping purposes), worn makeup and painted my nails. I also have used a few different toys, and enjoy prostate/anal orgasms.

Why do I do it? It's extremely sexually pleasing to do so. What do I get out of it? Rockin' orgasms, almost as good as sex. What turns me on about it? I'm attracted to femininity - I like my girls a bit on the girly side, as opposed to tomboy types - and this is another way of interacting sexually with femininity. There are also currents of submissiveness inherently in traditional perspectives on femininity, as well as a taboo "I shouldn't be doing this, what would people think if they knew I fapped in panties?" angle to it.

Hope that helps. Any advice for a guy who wants to get his girlfriend in on the action?


None right now!

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