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No.123 : GirlinBoysSkin [09/01/24(Sat)06:25] [Report] [SNAP]

I once saw a picture (thought i'd downloaded it but cant seem to find it) of how to turn your penis into the semblance of a vagina using some sort of glue and origami style folding lol. anyways I was wondering if anyone here has tried this (or has the picture) and if they have if they could offer some hints etc. I'm gonna do some crossdressing soon and would like an efficent way to conceal my bait n' tackle without having to adjust it every 5 minutes. Would be an added bonus if urination wasn't restricted. Tall order eh? well anyways tips tricks advice would be appriciated. <3

No.125 : GirlinBoysSkin [09/01/25(Sun)00:21] [Report] []


No.126 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/25(Sun)22:06] [Report] []

Don't glue anything down there, m'kay? That's probably not healthy.

No.127 : ☆emo☆ [09/01/26(Mon)21:28] [Report] 1233023310185.jpg (212317 B, 600x600) [YIS] [GIS] []
212317 B


No.128 : Half [09/01/26(Mon)22:45] [Report] []

What kind of tape is he using?

Also what is that he's squirting around in step 5?

No.129 : jo [09/01/27(Tue)19:38] [Report] []

It looks like this technique involves pressing your testicles back into your abdomen... popular for those with gender euphoria and could care less about any potential health risks involved. I wouldn't recommend it.

Learn to tuck.

No.131 : GirlinBoysSkin [09/01/28(Wed)02:52] [Report] []


i've tried tucking but its uncomfortable and walking around buggers it up. also what kinda of health risks could there be from tucking your testicles back up there? at worst that i can think of you'd defertilize a batch of semen if your balls get too hot. has anyone tried this?

No.138 : Holli Fox [09/01/28(Wed)19:50] [Report] []

I tuck them up all the time when i go out. and they never get in the way. i never thought there'd be a risk with that though... it doesnt hurt but i doubt anything permanent will happen. the human body is resiliant.

No.144 : GirlinBoysSkin [09/01/30(Fri)05:10] [Report] []


when i said i've tried tucking and it gets buggered up by walking i was more referring to the whole package. Is there some kind of special underwear you wear to keep it tucked back? or do you tape it or what? Really i'm looking for any appropriate long term solution. Tips/hints/suggestions welcome.

No.145 : Holli (Trap or Die) [09/01/30(Fri)13:58] [Report] []

i do the first 3 steps in the photo, minus the tape. i tuck the boys up into my pevlic area above the penis, and reach from behind and pull the penis back as far as it will go, between the cheeks. the panties up... thongs aren't really the best choice, or G-strings obviously.

Hipsters and boyshorts are really good for keeping mini me in his place

No.149 : Anonymous Stalker [09/02/02(Mon)21:19] [Report] []

look for something called a 'gaff'

also, there was a thread on another board awhile back where someone asked their doctor about the health risks of stuffing their testicles up into the pelvis...their doctor said that it could potentially lower sperm count temporarily, but couldn't think of other health risks. your mileage may vary.

No.150 : GirlinBoysSkin [09/02/02(Mon)23:57] [Report] []


yay my theory was correct! and thanks to the others i'll look into these suggestions. thank you thank you.

No.151 : GirlinBoysSkin [09/02/03(Tue)17:02] [Report] []

Ok so I looked into these "gaff"s and they just look like thongish underwear designed for men. how does it hide your bulge?

No.153 : Audree [09/02/04(Wed)04:55] [Report] []

Yea, gaff's are basically just really tight underwear..

Do a normal "tuck" then take the scrotal skin, and fold it over your penis, kind of like a taco. Then put tape across. I usually use 2-3 ~3" strips. I prefer micropore paper tape. Transpore works, too. But I find it "slips" And Duct tape also works.

But remember, SHAVE before using tape. Or you will get an unpleasant surprise on removal.

No.157 : GirlinBoysSkin [09/02/05(Thu)00:55] [Report] []


sound advice i'm sure lol um... are you able to still urinate in this fashion? or do you have to remove and unfold?

No.158 : Audree [09/02/06(Fri)07:41] [Report] []


Yea, you can pee. You have to sit down, though. ^_^

It just makes like a little "sleeve" over everything. And mr peter slides up in, but when you sit down it should pop back out.

No.200 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/04(Sat)05:52] [Report] 1238838759240.jpg (814180 B, 800x3684) [YIS] [GIS] []
814180 B

long version

No.228 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/21(Tue)12:19] [Report] []


What the hell does that stuff say?

No.455 : Anonymous Writer [09/07/09(Thu)21:36] [Report] []

What happens when you get a Hard-on?

No.472 : Anonymous Writer [09/07/20(Mon)19:20] [Report] []


Where do you buy micropore/transpore tape?

No.473 : Anonymous Writer [09/07/21(Tue)04:43] [Report] []


Pain, lol.


Should be in most chemists.

No.492 : Anonymous Writer [09/08/06(Thu)20:06] [Report] []


> Should be in most chemists.

That sounds painful for the chemists.


None right now!

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