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No.1278 : somecd [12/09/26(Wed)23:04]

So i've been on MtF hormones for about two weeks (actually, 12 days), and was curious about when other MtF individuals have started noticing any effects, whether they be physical or mental.

I'm currently taking 50mg spironolactone and 2mg estradiol orally once daily.

I'm assuming I'm experiencing mild (mental) placebo effects rather than anything chemically induced at this stage, but i'd like to know about other people's experiences at their outset.

Also, is there a generalized chart showing normal dosage ranges? I assume I'm still on the low side of both drugs, and I'd like to see what a normal range ends up becoming.

Thanks everyone.

No.1294 : Anonymous [12/11/27(Tue)23:42] []

has a good chart on anti-androgen and estrogen dosages


None right now!

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