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No.14 : Anonymous Stalker [08/12/20(Sat)23:29] [Report] [SNAP]

So, this is pure speculation, but It seams to be that cds are mostly straight and trans genders are mostly gay.(after the switch i.e: mtf likes girls) Now, granted, explaining sexuality is like explaining politics,(in the end you'll end up more angry and confused then when you started) But is there a reason for this? To me it seams a bit weird, if you're so set on being like the other sex why wouldn't that include their sexual attractions?

in b4 science is hard and lurk moar

No.15 : lily [08/12/21(Sun)09:00] [Report] []

Thats not always true, i'd say its almost 50/50 but i dont really know for sure.. Anyway, hormones can sometimes change your sexuality but it doesnt happen with everyone

No.17 : Anonymous Stalker [08/12/21(Sun)19:29] [Report] []

Well just to add to the desscution, im andro and pansexual. I am all and I like all.

No.18 : Chiaki [08/12/22(Mon)03:08] [Report] []

I like girls. Really, I just don't like guys too much >.> Penis facinates me, but I'd rather be sleeping with girls. They have pillows on their chests! :3

No.19 : Anonymous Stalker [08/12/22(Mon)03:34] [Report] []

I'm MtF, and you just read my mind

No.20 : Jess #R0F030lwEk [08/12/22(Mon)07:21] [Report] []

I second this =)

No.27 : Anonymous Stalker [08/12/27(Sat)05:12] [Report] []

Well, i'm gay, which means in bed i do work physically only with men. However i can develop true emotional love only for women, but not physical. Which means i'm somewhat falling through both "nets" and end up living without sex (ok, the last part's a lie, i do have sex <fg>). I do not cd very much, i wear a blouse sometimes (because male shirts are so boring) or wear women trousers because i'm too skinny for man's trousers.

I think you simply forget the fact that the body and the mind do not always have identical opinions. Once you understand that your question in the OP is solved.

No.28 : Anonymous Stalker [08/12/27(Sat)05:37] [Report] []

>>27 to be more precise: Gender and Sexual Orientation are not connected, if you can accept that from a homosexual, why not accept it from TG/TS/IS people as well? :)

No.29 : Anonymous Stalker [08/12/27(Sat)10:59] [Report] []
>if you're so set on being like the other sex why wouldn't that include their sexual attractions?

Most MTF transsexuals are so obsessed with trying to be a woman the only gender they want to associate with is other women so they hate men.

No.31 : Chiaki [08/12/28(Sun)02:05] [Report] []



No.32 : Anonymous Stalker [08/12/28(Sun)16:41] [Report] []

I wonder if you'll ever know how wrong you are

No.35 : Chiaki [08/12/29(Mon)02:54] [Report] []

To an extent, I think there is truth to >>29 's statement. Well, at least for me. I can't really feel safe around guys. It takes me weeks, even months to get used to guys. Half out of fear of being hated, the other being the fact that I just don't find too many guys all that nice to hang out with. Maybe that's just my own neuroticism though.

No.41 : Jenny [09/01/03(Sat)16:08] [Report] []

Hmm I and most of my trans friends tend to be bi. That's just a personal observation. I do think there is a certain amount of bias towards wanting to be with women for MTFs though. I think this is mostly because we spend so long affecting masculinity before transition in order to fit in, that we grow to resent it.

Still, I think I've found that on the internet, sure, a majority of trans women who speak out are lesbian, but in real life I know many more bi/straight trans women.

No.85 : gamingphewl #QZfI81uIuY [09/01/16(Fri)17:41] [Report] []

I dunno, liking girls has always seemed rather intuitive for me, I liked them before puberty even. Even when testosterone flooded my veins, I only ever watched lesbian/masturbation porn. And now on HRT, my sexuality may have allowed me to see a rare few guys as "cute" but I don't develop deeper feelings for them.

I mean, we could start a nature vs nurture argument; but if we agree that gender identity =/= sexuality, then we can also agree that we don't know "why" either of these are the way that they are. Nothing is concretely defined, researched, or proven, so we could potentially argue indefinitely over the things we don't know. I think it's a lot easier to just accept that it's an interesting trend until we know more.

No.86 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/16(Fri)21:59] [Report] []

Op here.
So to sum this thread up: No one knows anything about anything anywhere ever.
That's what i figured.

No.88 : Chiaki #OIF5l0BPh2 [09/01/17(Sat)05:02] [Report] []

Welcome to academia!

No.105 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/20(Tue)23:29] [Report] []

fwiw, sexual orientation and sexual activities do not have to be identical either. Amkes it even more complicated

about >>29 I rather think it has to do with the fact that they understand them better as they ARE in fact female. Just like me >>27

A girl once told me i am the best kisser she has ever experienced, what she did not realize was the fact why i was that good: I know exactly what a woman wants because i feel like one, too.

No.165 : Anonymous Stalker [09/02/11(Wed)10:10] [Report] []

Well, I can't really provide many answers here, but just to add my own observations:

Personally, I'm Bi, non-CD (But would have no issues at all dating CDs or TGs).

I don't know any CDs, but the only TG I know (FtM), is Bi.

As for the observations, I can't actually speak for TGs, but I'm generally under the impression that A) Feeling like you are a gender, despite your actual sex, doesn't need to include that gender's typical sexual orientations.
And B) Most TG people tend to be rather open about sexuality in the first place to even take the steps that they have, which I would guess would make the trend lean more towards Bi/Pansexuality more than anything else. That's just a theory though.

And a side note, from the OP:
"but It seams to be that cds are mostly straight..."

I can't attest to the truth of this, but I hope not. ^_~

No.166 : Anonymous Stalker [09/02/13(Fri)16:28] [Report] []

Wait, wat? CDs undressed, mostly straight. CDs dressed, I don't care what anyone says, mostly bi. Autogynephilia, while no one buys into Blanchard's absurdly strict definition, does go a long way into explaining the palpably strong undercurrent of CD bi behavior when dressed.

Pre-op MTF Transwomen, mostly bi. Yes, you have the married types trying to stay straight (ironically, so many attemping to conveniently re-arrange their wives into lesbians, just so they don't have to think about teh cock); but for the majority of those, crossing over is just a matter of time and place.

And yes, there are pre-op transwomen that hate teh dick so much that they cultivate gg lovers, as >>29 so aptly pointed out. But if you're looking for axioms, the majority of pre-op transwomen are bi- or bi-curious.

Post-op MTF Transwomen, mostly straight. Do you have any idea how many post-op transwomen are stealth? It's like the dark matter in the universe. The few that aren't naturally tend to be more visible. Duh.

Ghey male drag queens, mostly gay. Huhhr duhhr. I've found that most will admit to at least one straight liason in their lifetime with a gg, tho.

No.168 : Anonymous Stalker [09/02/14(Sat)02:54] [Report] []


I dunno, this is just so much bullshit IMO.

Sexual orientation doesn't change depending on whether a crossdresser is dressed or undressed. What a retarded theory.

A CDer might be bi with a fetish for getting fucked as a woman by a man, or straight or whatever but the idea that orientation changes with the outfits? Fucking puhlease nigga.

No.169 : Anonymous Stalker [09/02/15(Sun)13:07] [Report] []

I've heard crossdressing and/or being transgendered comes from wanting to be desirable, and as a straight persons idea of being desirable is a woman, this is why they dress in female clothes or seek transition.

As a transgendered individual, I don't agree with this theory. But it would answer your question if it's true.

No.170 : Anonymous Stalker [09/02/23(Mon)01:40] [Report] []

I think (for me at least) wanting to be desired like that is part of it, but the bigger issue is wanting to be perceived as a woman, not just wanted that way.

No.182 : Kianna [09/03/04(Wed)23:56] [Report] []

i think its all based on the individual, im a CD 80% of the time (the other 20% being buisness and school..) but im gay as can be. i cross dress not because i want my partner to think of me as a female i dress that way because it just feels more natural to me.

No.188 : ErisOnline [09/03/18(Wed)17:21] [Report] []

In general, "classic" or "true" transsexuals (lifelong gender dysphoric symptomology, etc etc), not including the entirety of the transgender spectrum, have certain commonalities.

No.189 : ErisOnline [09/03/18(Wed)17:38] [Report] []

Dammit, hit return by accident.
There is a marked disparity between mtf and ftm transsexuals, in the area of professed sexual orientation. That is, ftm transsexuals almost overwhelmingly identify as straight (that is, interested in women), and mtfs largely fall along the same lesbian/straight ratios of other women.
My theory is that mtf women have much, much more media exposure to people like them, as well as a greater social awareness of "role models," leading to more mtf transsexuals coming out in the first place. The majority of transmen who come out had exposure to the concept of options available to them, as well as role models, in lesbian women's communities. As a result, most of those who come out are already interested in women.
This, along with the lack of public awareness of transmen, also goes to explain the massive disparity between out numbers of transmen vs. transwomen.
Stop looking for causality, and look instead for social settings.

No.364 : Bunny [09/05/29(Fri)17:16] [Report] []

Well, wow, didn't expect suck an ephemeral discussion here, but here goes :)

For No. 15, that's just not right. Hormones can change your sexual DRIVE, but not your ORIENTATION.

At first No.29's statement outraged me, but after thinking about it there may be a bit of truth to it. As a transwoman myself I woudl like to think that isn't the case, but knowing many other transwomen I can say I see what coudl be considered this behavior a lot. I think a lot of it has to do with how adjusted the transperson is. I consider myself pretty well adjusted, therefore a lot of these issues arn't mine (don't worry, I have plenty others) but I do feel that many M2F transpeople have multiple layers of issues, and part of that stems from rigid gender/sexual definitions we live under. (even defining yourself as transgender can be too confining for some)

As for my observations, well, I think that the majority of F2Ms I know or have met are straight (interested in women) and the majority of M2Fs are gay or bi. I myself identify as a gay woman. There are not really ang conclusive studies of the trans population as a whole to tell us more, but I do know of some people working on doingthat research, so I guess we'll know sooner or later.


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