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No.44 : Duplex-kun [09/01/06(Tue)09:36] [Report] 1231263397153.jpg (39976 B, 426x568) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
39976 B

ITT we talk about our jobs, and how they do/don't effect our crossdressing/ect.

used to work at Micheals arts&crafts :3 was the only boy out of the like 60 part timing moms and a few girls my age, I was offered a tech job at the time but refused because it was crossdressers heaven there, I got to wear an apron and all the women were constantly joking how I was just like one of them, they'd always put do my hair, paint my nails, put bracelets on me, and they'd always get together and dress me up as a maid or something on Halloweens...those were the days :3

but now i'm just a college student, so unless I can find myself loosing bets on purpose, I don't CD around school much

No.45 : Chiaki [09/01/06(Tue)10:02] [Report] []

You're so lucky. I worked in jewelry, so I was surrounded by pretty things, but was barred from looking too weird (I had to act "professional"). Now I write for a living, and again, I can't really cross dress for my interviews since I need people to not be so distracted when I do my work. Blah.

I was thinking about applying to work at a maid cafe though....

No.46 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/06(Tue)13:08] [Report] []

I work in a book store, mostly packing up and shipping out boxes. As long as I keep them neat, I'm allowed to paint my nails in 'unisex' colours. I've got a little bottle of black polish in my desk drawer, but burgundy, dark blues, and some reds are ok too. And nobody's ever noticed the things I wear under my jeans... Fishnets at work add that extra touch of class

No.47 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/06(Tue)14:17] [Report] []

I deliver mail, and I don't know what their policy is on crossdressing, really, but every time someone sees me and picks up their mail from me, they think I'm a girl. It's soooo flattering.

No.49 : Chiaki [09/01/06(Tue)17:21] [Report] []


You're technically a govt. employee, so they can't discriminate I think, like ever.

No.50 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/06(Tue)23:43] [Report] []

I used to work in a hardware store, and every so often I was the greeter. I used to hate it when people would ask me 'excuse me miss, where are the hammers? Oh, sorry man...', but that was before I started CDing, when my androginy was a curse to me. Funny how you never know what you want til it's gone

No.69 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/14(Wed)14:59] [Report] []


Technically, no. Although government policy prohibits discrimination against protected groups, only sexual orientation (race, age, gender, disability and whistle-blower) is protected. Not gender identity.

No.74 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/14(Wed)16:13] [Report] []

Check your employee handbook. Either way you'll find out for sure. I looked at mine a while ago, I know I'm covered.

No.76 : kagami #76lCoqcJvk [09/01/14(Wed)16:34] [Report] []

...and I don't think you could pull it off in a law enforcement job. Not in a while.

No.82 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/16(Fri)04:12] [Report] []

I work in a small pharmacy and every once in a while I grow my hair out thinking that maybe I can get away with a new medium, clean, maybe dykish haircut my boss says something like "what are you, goin for the surfer faggot look?"

I liked it better when I worked in a retail place where everyone wore khakis, a company polo, and people would often call me "miss" from behind. Oh, except that job sucked and they went bankrupt.

No.87 : jo [09/01/16(Fri)22:21] [Report] []

Interesting topic, I work in magazine publishing and basically have a desk job... but since I enjoy being a writer/editor, it doesn't bother me. In any case, I do low-key crossdressing every single day (bra, panties) and a little more depending on the weater... now it's winter, so I can wear women's jeans, shirts, and turtlenecks (two turtlenecks, since Illinois weather is ridiculously cold right now...).

No.159 : Anonymous Stalker [09/02/07(Sat)06:01] [Report] []

Interesting. I work in IT, and I've never once had any problem wearing whatever I like into the office, from whatever tatty old guy clothes to skirts & dresses. No one cares, and I've even got some compliments!

The difference may be that a) I'm not customer facing b) I'm in the UK and EU law makes any form of discrimination on the basis of gender illegal, not that I think my employer would in any case.

No.161 : Alissa-chan [09/02/09(Mon)22:29] [Report] []

I work in IT and since I just got the job I wasn't crossdressing but today I went with nailpolish on and asked my boss if he minded but he didnt care xD. But since I work on the executive level there are alot of customers on that floor so he would check for me if the other executives had any problems with that. If I can go ahead with this I guess I'll gradually ask for more freedom... but I don't want to risk my job its too awesome, I might never get an oppurtunity like this again.

No.162 : Alissa-chan [09/02/10(Tue)16:54] [Report] []


Well I heard from my boss that I can't wear nailpolish T_T so much for cd'ing at work. My boss is ok though because he doesn't care but because I work at the executive level there are many important customers there with hundred-thousand to million euro deals going on there...

Well on a sidenote today I came out to a bunch of collegue's about cd'ing (not about being tg) and one of them was (as I suspected) a ftm cd'er, and maybe more, and she was so sweet she thought I was brave for coming out and she wants to do my hair x3

She can get away with it because ftm's are less conspicious in the eyes of the society's standards and because she doesn't work at executive level. But it's ok I can live with not being myself a couple of hours a day if it gets me buckets of money ^.^

No.275 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/29(Wed)10:51] [Report] []

Military...'nuff said.

No.298 : kagami #76lCoqcJvk [09/05/05(Tue)12:00] [Report] []

Ah, found it: Men are prohibited from wearing nail polish of any kind. Men may not have hair that extends below the neck. May not wear earrings of any kind. May not wear bracelets of any kind (and yes, people got sent home for LiveStrong bracelets). May not have any sort of body modifications. Men are prohibited from wearing any makeup. Men may only wear pendants if they are completely concealed. Only rings allowed are wedding bands.

It's pretty much BS, designed to find proverbial nails that stick out, and hammer them.

No.316 : ~Ashe~ Von Cluttertrap [09/05/22(Fri)20:15] [Report] []

>>298 Thank god I'm a designer. At my new job half of the people are gay, and my old one was a friggin' newspaper so nobody cares how I dress.

No.441 : Anonymous Stalker [09/06/29(Mon)18:40] [Report] []


None right now!

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