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No.496 : Anonymous Writer [09/08/12(Wed)15:41] [Report] [SNAP]

Hi evryone.

Im a cd living with my very closed minded family (dad is a minister) and i've found a great way to buy clothes secretly, but i need a place to hide them

any ideas/?

No.497 : Anonymous Writer [09/08/12(Wed)20:27] [Report] []

If you have a sister or female friend, you could ask them to hide it all for you. Don't ask your girl or boyfriend, assuming you have one: what if you two broke up? There'd go all your clothes!

Get some you can lock and put it all in that.

I dunno what else without knowing more about what you have access to. The question is, do you have any ideas?

No.500 : E [09/08/13(Thu)23:40] [Report] []


I always used "I'm storing it for my friend sort of deal and keep it in the back of the closet.


None right now!

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