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No.595 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/11(Fri)12:38]

Just starting out trapping. I'm too poor to get electrolysis on my face or anything like that, but I have a very obvious 5-o-clock shadow even right after shaving, so I'm trying to use wax.

The problem is that I only get a few hairs with each try, my face gets sticky, and it's quite painful.

Right now, I'm using the room-temperature strips. I'd tried the hot, spreadable stuff in the past but wasn't able to get good coverage.

Waxing tips for a newfag?

No.599 : Raine [09/09/12(Sat)21:46] []

Could try applying some foundation after you shave and cover up any tough spots with a yellow toned concealer.

Waxing your face just sounds silly and painful.

No.601 : OP [09/09/13(Sun)13:34] []

I'll give it some thought. I don't really know the first thing about makeup, but I guess I'd need it anyway before being able to pass in public.

Tsroadmap suggests "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me", and I saw this at the bookstore. Is it too advanced for an absolute beginner like myself, or does it cover the basics as well?

No.603 : OP [09/09/13(Sun)13:49] []

I also worry about getting outed by being overly-made-up. I'd like to be able to pass without makeup at all if possible. My face is naturally fairly feminine; it's just the facial hair which is the problem.

No.609 : jo [09/09/14(Mon)18:23] []

Depending on how young you are, I wouldn't bother trying permanent hair removal (or even something long-term like waxing), since your skin may still have a lot of developing to do.

But I agree that makeup is a good place to start. Purchasing a desk mirror and a how-to book, like "Making Faces" by by Kevyn Aucoin, can go a long way (that and a lot of patience).

No.610 : OP [09/09/14(Mon)19:34] []

Well I'm 23, but I do still, disconcertingly, see the hair inching its way up my cheeks a bit still. (I wish I could have started hormones by now... >.>)

I have a makeup book which I'll give a good read and review my options. Thanks!


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