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No.702 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/13(Tue)21:50] [Report] [SNAP]

i'm a 21 yr old guy that started wearing panties at age 10, then wearing other things at age 15. this stuff was not mine and was 'borrowed' from other people, is this creepy to anyone that i use things from people who i care about for crossdressing?

No.704 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/10/13(Tue)22:18] [Report] []

I think that's a common way to get your start. I started out "borrowing" my sister's panties, etc.

Improvising is not creepy.

No.709 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/15(Thu)16:44] [Report] []

In my mind borrowing them to wear is less creepy than say, borrowing them to chew out the crotch while fapping to raep porn.


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